Heads up -- Phil and Alex are getting geared up and will be live in London for the Samsung Unpacked event tomorrow (May 3 2pm EDT, 11am PDT) where we expect to see what everyone's been waiting to see. No, not Phil taunting a member of the Royal Guard, we're talking about the next phone in the Samsung Galaxy line, presumably the Galaxy S III. Expectations are running high for Samsung's new baby, and the blogs have been on fire with leaks and rumors -- ranging from the interesting to the ridiculous. We'll have all the answers soon enough. 

While Alex shows Phil around town, the forums are hopping with discussion. That's where you'll want to be while playing the waiting game. When it's time tomorrow, we'll have a live blog set up and let you know everything there is to know. See you there!


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Reminder: We're in London for Samsung Unpacked


There are Taxi's and then there are mini-cabs. The difference being a London Taxi is a certain style/shape/extortionate cost that has had the same traditional look for a long time, you hail on from the side of the street. A mini-cab you pre-book, cannot hail from the side of the street and can be anything from a hatchback car to a people carrier. That Yellow pick-up truck is simply a truck with a company logo on it. We don't have yellow Taxi's in London unless an advert is yellow stuck on the car. All Taxi's are black usually. Some are random colours weirdly, but only very few. Never seen a yellow one.

Ah, Earl's Court... if you exit the Tube station from the other side, there's a Tardis right in front of the station. (At least it was there last summer.)

I hope this Samsung thing is going to be worth the wait. My Nexus One is killing me, and I need a new phone badly.

They should SOOOOOO reveal the SGS3 by making a tardis appear on-stage and the CEO or better David Tennant walking out holding it as his sonic screwdriver :P

I was tired of waiting. I ordered the HTC One X today. All of the rumors of the GS3 so far seem to be of a phone that is no better than the One X, and I am tired of Samsung's lag and over saturated screens anyway. HTC phones seem to be less laggy and I like sense better than touchwiz.

What`s good about all the buzzzzzzzzz!!!! It`ll be released overseas not in the state, may it has 12 MpX camera quad-core S4. but in the state it`ll dual-core 8MpX camera, release date for the state UNKNOW...
So what PHIL doing there just enjoying his sweet vacation, I`ll do the same if I get the chance.. Just what ever you`re doing good luck and be safe.

I know what the GALAXY S III looks likes. =p


Has 1.4 quad core exynos

12mp camera

3 buttons like the One X series.


RUNS touchwiz 4 of course.

4.7in screen

1280×720 display

2MP front camera.


For those of you who are just arguing with yourself, yes the Galaxy SIII is better then the one series and the Nexus.

PS I bet ur gonna yell at me saying I'm dumb. But fine do what u want. I know the entire specs to this phone.

I have no doubt that it will disappoint. The hype machine has been grinding for to long, the expectations are way to high.