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Discount codes will give you more time to order; Developer Edition included in the sale

Update: After actually running about 10 minutes past 4pm ET, the sale's finally over. If you didn't get a chance to save $100 on your off-contract Moto X purchase, you still have until February 14th to save $70. Not a bad deal.

Original story: In case you haven't heard, Motorola is readying a killer sale on the Moto X that drops a whole $100 off any off-contract variant you can buy from its online store. We now know that just like previous deals, Motorola will be offering up discount codes for those who show up to the site "while supplies last." That means when the clock strikes 3pm ET (noon PT), you can head to the link below and simply register to get the discount.

You'll then be emailed a $100 discount code to be applied to the purchase of an off-contract Moto X from the Motorola website. That includes devices customized by Moto Maker, even if you opt to go with a wood finish (although you still pay the $25 premium). This time around the discount even applies to the Developer Edition devices, which will go for $349. As stated before, you'll only be able to get codes from 3pm to 4pm ET.

The code, just as before, will only be good for a limited amount of time (to be specified on the code email). This is still a far better system then having to rush through your order though, and it seems to help keep Motorola's website from crashing as well. If you happen to miss out on this deal, don't worry, there will be a $70 discount for everyone available from when this sale ends until February 14th.

Moto X discount registration page

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Reminder: Get an off-contract Moto X for $299 today at 3pm ET [update: it's over]


Just got my code! Now my wife will have her own Moto X and she can stop being jealous of mine. It was about time she upgraded from her Gnex, I did the same months ago.

You actually intend to buy 3? Or are you just gonna hold them for other people? There are limited quantities, that's kind of a shame if you don't actually plan on using all three.

That's cool, if you plan on using all three. Just don't be a dick and try to sell the ones that you don't use.

Negative... No dicking around here. I have people in my family who have been looking at this phone since before the holidays. This is their belated Christmas gift lol.

I don't even see the point in selling them.
It's still $70 off after the 1 hour window.
Not much profit to made of a code that saves you an extra $30.

Not really limited quantities. How can there be limited quantities of nothing tangible?

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"We’ve received your successful registration and we’re working on your unique promo code. We’ll be sending it in the next few hours."

Next few hours? This promo is only till

The code is valid for awhile after you get the code. You actually only have an hour to get the code or while supplies last.

Stevez beat me to it.

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The code is actually just for an extra $30 off. From now until Valentines Day, it's $70 for anyone. So if you register now, you effectively get $100 off total.

Got two... I think it's time to replace the crippled sg3 (crippled by Verizon and Samsung with this updates)

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Not sure to go for the bamboo or the developer edition. The bamboo will give me looks while the developers functionality. Any thoughts?

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If on Verizon, get the developer version. If on a GSM carrier, get the T-mobile bamboo one. Unlocked bootloader and contains frequencies for 3G/4G/LTE for all of the GSM carriers.

Yes, if you go to buy the T-Mobile version, it says unlocked right in the checkout process, on the page where you choose your carrier. It also has an unlocked bootloader, I guess.

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OK, I've added myself to another sucker list by applying for my code, and just one. I will figure what to do with the phone later.

Of course, after replacing my wife's Samsung S4 two times in a week and several others in the past, maybe I should order a full pallet.

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I got 3 codes too. Giving away as gifts to my mother in law and sister. Keeping one for myself to replace my Nexus 5. I hope phone prices like these become common across the board without promo codes in the near future.

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I have 18 of them for sale for 25$ each...PM me for a code...

/I am kidding of course, just typing for the sake of boredom..

Im going on my 4th X, but its a good thing!
Total (with tax) for my bamboo X on 1/13= $590
Total for last weeks walnut X= $510
Total for today's walnut 32 gb X = $403

Thanks Motorola for a great return policy so i feel good today, not like a tool :)
Oh... and I had a Sprint version on contract back in Dec. which is going in for trade in for $180 thanks to T-Mobile buying me out of my contract.
Fourth times for keeps, I swear!

For $300 this is an even better deal than that time I made a big mistake by paying $100 to sprint to bump up my eligibility date by 8 months or so and then buy a phone for $200 more. Luckily I had an upgrade this time around but if in a year the X2 or whatever it is is an even more awesome device I'll probably take advantage of this.

I wonder how many of these they've sold so far. Makes me wonder if the promos are working, and if Motorola is testing the pricing waters for future use.

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not able to complete order. It says the configuration is back ordered

Memory - 32 GB

Back - Woven White

Front - white

Accent - Purple

EDIT - It is working now.

And so they did. One for 50, and one for 20. Can be used together or separately.

EDIT: For some reason AC flagged this as spam is I used dollar signs. WTF, guys?

I just got a code because I saw this article during that promo hour. I got the code by email but I think I'm just staying with my Nexus 5. I really do want the active display and touchless controls, but I also just got the Nexus wireless charger and don't think I can give that up.

First one to send a message gets the code! If anyone wants one.

Got the promo code but I just bought the nexus 5 at the beginning of December. Not sure if I should get the moto x and keep both, sell the nexus, or not get the moto x at all! Such a difficult choice.

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I second it. I had the Nexus 5, ordered on launch day. Held onto it till the final day I could still return it after the Sprint motomaker X came out. I haven't looked back. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Nexus 5 and it's big hi-res screen and super fast everything. For me, the X just does more of the important things for me. Active notifications alone might be enough for me. I never thought that pulling the phone out of my pocket and having it ready to go with only a slide would mean so much, but it does.

That said, I still miss wireless charging every night. Come on Moto X2...... don't let me down.

Sorry buddy, i've seen quite a few people in other forums trying to sell these. It was easy to believe you were being serious.

His sarcasm flew WAAAAAAAAYYYYY over your head, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.


Just ordered mine. "Upgrading" (?) from the Nexus 5. Damn you technology for making me spend so much money.

Sept. 2012 - iPhone 5
Oct. 2012 - Nexus 4
July 2013 - Galaxy S4
Nov. 2013 - Nexus 5
Jan. 2014 - Moto X

and then when the S5 launches I'll probably upgrade to that. Thank god I don't have a wife or family to provide for. Five phones in 16 months is crazy (a phone every 5 months).

You may need to seek help, but atleast you're not using an iPhone. If you want to get the best out of Android and not constantly buying new phones, its more about utilizing the software.

Do you have to order this off of Motorola website or Verizon website. When I build it at the end just say to email no checkout.

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If anyone still has a code, please PM me! My fiance's phone is dying, and I would love to get one of these for her. Thanks!

I go to Motorola websites but the only thing I can do is design it and the last area only say email to myself no place to add to cart.

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Was this on your phone? Their mobile site won't let you complete the order. Try switching your browser to identify as a desktop.

Here's a code for the Motorola X was thinking of buying one but not now. With Leveno buying Motorola no thanks.

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