Real Boxing

NVIDIA has posted another Project Shield teaser, this time showing off the controls of the clamshell playing Real Boxing -- an unreleased title for the Tegra platform. 

Real Boxing looks like a smash hit in the making. A full career mode, mini-games to build your character, and action inside the ring filled with blood are the keys to a great boxing game, and Real Boxing has all this and more. Since it' designed for the Tegra 4, you'll have extra texture packs, better physics, more polygons, and everything else that comes along with NVIDIA sponsored games. I'm a sucker for boxing titles, and I cant wait for this one. 

Having a built-in controller for games like Real Boxing should really take things to the next level of fun. Android, and quite a few games support external controllers, but I've found this can often be a bit janky and require a lot of setup to get things working. Having the controller as part of the device, and titles made especially for use with it, should allow us to throw all the left hooks and upper cuts we can handle. 

There's a video after the break, be sure to have a look -- especially if you're a fan of boxing games like I am.

Source: NVIDIA


Reader comments

Real Boxing on Project Shield looks like a knock-out


Ok so I'm thinking this may be a step back. First off, I noticed by the movements on the game and the narrators hand movements, he wasn't really playing the game at all. In the 2nd video, Do you see how close to his face this guy is playing this thing. The way this guy is holding his hands and has his wrists bent makes me think this is terribly uncomfortable to play.

He was holding the controller awkwardly like that so that you could see the pc running in the background at the same time.

I am still completely in awe of where we are these days.
Was BREW technology all that long ago???

Ha, yes - BREW was quite some time ago. BREW was promising back in the early windows mobile days, probably circa 2003 - 2006'ish. I don't recall it ever getting much traction though, but I might be mis-remembering.

I don't think this game was built from the ground up for Tegra 4 devices, but rather a port. This game has been out for iOS for a couple of months now.

Nintendo would make a killing if they started porting all ther old NES, super nintendo, 64 games to android to sell, probably make up for the losses they have with the wii units and controllers