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Meanwhile Spotify doesn't seem too interested

We're going to hear about a ton of apps with added Chromecast support in the coming weeks and months, but a couple of big names have already shown their interest. On respective Twitter accounts, both Rdio and the newly launched Beats Music both expressed that they're working towards adding support for Google's $35 HDMI dongle. 

Meanwhile, another big music service, Spotify, doesn't seem at all interested with Chromecast. This despite admitting the request was "uncommonly popular" with its customers. We're not sure what might be the thought process there, but we'll have to ride it out and see if they change their minds. If you're on Rdio or Beats Music though, it looks like good news in the not so distant future. 

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Rdio and Beats Music looking at adding Chromecast support


I thought it was as simple as adding a line of code. What's there to think about. Just do it!

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Spotify Connect is something completely different though, that's what I don't get (if that is the reason.) 

Chromecast is TV, and I can already get Spotify on my TV through my Virgin Media TiVo box and the Now TV (Roku) box here in the UK. You'd have to think one more TV connected device wouldn't be much of an issue?

I wonder if there is such a big difference. I am guessing that the people who buy a high end receiver that can handle Spotify Connect usually use this to power their entertainment center (so also all their TV audio). In that case the difference between Spotify Connect and Chromecast is only the addition of album art on your TV (audio comes over your receivers anyway).

In my home setup there are only two cables going into my TV, one for power and one HDMI cable from my receiver. All sound and image is passed through my receiver (Setbox, Chromecast, game consoles).

So I have the choice of replacing my receiver for a new one for a couple of hundred Euros of plugging in a Chromecast and be done with it (and have more functionality).

The other options for getting Spotify on TV were available before Spotify Connect and Chromecast, hopefully they are not planning to phase these out. Also not sure if Spotify receives licenses from the manufacturers to add Spotify support.

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It might be time to give Play Music All Access a try. It took Spotify way too long to fix the cover art not showing on KitKat and now this.

I love it and highly recommend it. I really don't get the thought process here by Spotify. I'd be pretty POed if I was a Spotify customer. They acknowledged demand but just don't want to do it? WTF?

I use All Access too. It's Really nice being able to cast music to my sound system and control it with my tablet or phone. I think Spotify is hurting themselves by not adding Chromecast support.

What about SiriusXM app? I really want to hear Howard Stern over my home theater setup.

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I just switched from Google Play to Spotify to check it out as I haven't used Spotify in over a year. If they don't get Chromecast support soon I'm going right back.

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I have to believe it is some sort of licensing thing where Spotify gets money somehow and would lose out on it if it were easily cast to a TV using Chromecast. They obviously wouldn't want to tell people that is the reason for lack of support since it would make them look greedy.

It would be great if Rdio started to offer ART support at the same time as they start to offer Chromecast support!

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Chromecast wins everything as soon as it adds support for screen mirroring from a mobile device.

I really need someone, anyone, to give me a solution to cast my Spotify music to my home theater setup. It's ridiculous how I have been blocked at every turn. I understand why it's not on my Xbox or my PS3 (as much as I would like that) but then they go on to only support last year's LGTV (I have a model only one year older) and no Chromecast either. Even DNLA apps like BubbleUPnP don't support Spotify. I have all these potential ways that could be used and none of them are an option. It's a stupid situation.

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