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As the world enters the summer months, there's also usually a big slowdown in terms of new mobile hardware product launches. However, there are some deals to be found on current devices. One of them can be found at RadioShack which is currently running a promotion for the Samsung Galaxy S5 for the price of $79.

The promotion will let customers purchase a Galaxy S5 that will work on AT&T, Verizon Wireless or Sprint's networks and is good for either s new or an updated two year contract, but the customer also has to turn in a working phone as well. The temporary price cut ends on June 15 which just happens to be Father's Day.

Considering that the Galaxy S5 is still being sold in most outlets for $199.99 with a two-year agreement, this temporary price cut via RadioShack is certainly a good deal, especially if sons and daughters are in a good mood to purchase a new smartphone for their dad before June 15.

If you have been holding out on buying a Galaxy S5, is this new $79 promotion from RadioShack enough for you to take the plunge and purchase Samsung's current flagship smartphone, or perhaps you are waiting for the Galaxy Note 4 to make its debut?

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wezi427 says:

Not bad

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Radio Shack's $79 offer is actually $199, with a $120 credit if you trade in a "Samsung Galaxy S 4 Verizon 16GB; value for other models/carriers will vary. See for other models."

Unless I'm missing something, the Radio Shack price is nothing special / is comparable to the prices offered by other carriers, e.g. Verizon, who also have trade-in programs.

sharinlea says:

Exactly. Fine print clearly wasn't read by all.

Ikeman90 says:

these trade ins are such rip offs sometimes. on ebay a mint verizon s4 is going for as high as 300

MastaCow53 says:

And unless you bought your Verizon S4 outright, you still have at least a year before you're eligible for an upgrade. So the $79.99 offer applies to practically NOBODY.

HULKchampion says:

Damn! This is a good deal actually, but I'm really holding out for the G3.

amy green2 says:

When my mom bought a galaxy s2 from radio Shack, they sold her a used phone with pictures and music on it. They claimed it was new. I have not bought anything from the since.

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Razieltov says:

Target has it for free with that same deal. It's on sale for $169 the trade in value for the s4 is $132 plus you get an additional $50 credit. Why isn't android central posting that. It's a much better deal.

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Ikeman90 says:

I dont want the s5 but a brand new phone for just 79 dollars. deals like that almost make you want to sign a contract/ then common sense hits again

Edit* read the first comment: bullhonky!

Hectorius says:

Waiting for the Note 4...

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Razieltov says:

Wait is this a sponsored ad trying to pass as a news story? Is Android central selling out?

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gpf2ez says:


sharinlea says:

Considering people have pointed out the error and no changes to the article have been made, I would say, yes, that is absolutely what is happening.

corcoran1973 says:

I tried to do this Sunday. They offered $35 for my Sprint SIII. Not worth it. Went to Wal Mart and got the phone for $168.00 and got a $50 giftcard to use at Walmart or Sam's Club. The giftcard covered my case cost.

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mcook1670 says:

Verizon has all phones $199 or more $100 off for father's day. The GS5 is $99.99 with no rebates or phones to turn in. You can also get a free Ellipsis 7 tablet for free for adding a new line of service.

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