Radio Shack (or is just The Shack now?) just announced that they'll be selling the T-Mobile myTouch 3G in store which would certainly spell a good thing for T-Mobile considering 'The Shack' has more than 4,000 locations nationwide. Radio Shack and T-Mobile had just minted a new deal to sell T-Mobile handsets so hopefully we can expect future T-Mobile Android devices available there as well.

We're not frequent customers of Radio Shack, so this deal doesn't exactly affect us but what about the rest of you guys? Radio Shack + Android = Good?



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Radio Shack Now Selling the T-Mobile myTouch 3G


Really the only big benefit will be for those who don't have a T-Mobile store in there area. Otherwise why would you go to Radio Shack? For anything?

Batteries. Radio Schlock is the best place I know to get watch batteries, camera batteries, cordless phone batteries... They used to have decent ham and shortwave gear, and my armitron is still my favorite toy. Now its just sad to go there

Remeber radio shack garuantees the lowest prices on their phones and you can get a upgrade there for little or nothing to be put down

radioshack also has instant rebates so you don't have for mail in rebates that all other carriers have. plus if you find the phone for less somewhere else, then tell the employees and they'll price match it.

Not spectacular for me, but a nice bit of news. The neighborhood Radio Shack is already a very convenient place to get accessories. When I needed a USB cable to set up DSL service, it sure beat having to go to Best Buy. Having myTouch stuff will extend its usefulness, if the T-Mobile store is too crowded.

But as jdschrock said, the greatest benefit will be for people who don't live near a T-Mobile store.