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Adobe Flash is finally coming to Android with the update to Froyo, and quite a few of us have been rocking Android 2.2 for a few weeks now. So let's put it to you, folks. Now that you've actually been using Flash on Froyo, how's it working out? Killing your battery? Slowing your phone? Or is it shooting rainbows and unicorns out of the headphone jack? Hit up the poll, the give us your reasoning in the comments.


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Quick poll: Froyo fiends, do you still care about Flash?


HTC included HTC flashlight 4.0. Sure, i don't have froyo but its always nice to have flash on a mobile.

Yep, been using it on my evo for a few days now via the HTC plugin when needed. Video performance is passable for sure, but looking forward to the froyo release for the official support.

You have a HTC device... and therefore just need to go watch some flash video or something. I believe you have it automatically.

Flash gaming on Android works great. Video isn't that great if you need to zoom or skip in the timeline. The trouble is that they use the "tap to interact" as a main feature of Flash, so when you're trying to watch video, it can be hinky because the "tap to interact" doesn't make the video full screen, it just pauses. Plus, the timeline at the bottom of the video is too small to be useable if you need to skip.

Running the latest BB Froyo on my Droid and all I can say is AWESOME. Flash games and embedded flash goodness works like a charm. Flash video like mikeydangerous above me stated is alright but could be better. Phone does run a little warmer but nothing that worries me considering I am also overxclocked, As for the battery usage. Not bad at all. I watched an entire episode of NCIS through flash player to test over Wifi and went down from 100% (directly OFF of the charger) to 80%. The entire playtime was 43 minutes.

Now I just can't wait for Adobe AIR so we can start running Flash apps locally. That is going to kick ass.

After the update the day before yesterday, I watched an entire episode of How I Met Your Mother on at full quality, full screened, and the framerate was perfect. Flash rules!

Not only have I absolutely loved Flash, I would never want to live without it. Now, when I click on a news story that happens to be a video report, I can actually watch it!!

I also like keeping on top of BP and the Feds and their lies about how much oil is leaking by watching CNN's live video feed using Flash.

Free games, Free episodes like Seinfeld at can take their rumors of a subscription and put it where the sun don't shine. :D

Wouldn't it actually make more sense to hold off till Froyo is actually released?

All you find out here is what the rooted crowd thinks, not what the user base thinks.

i wish there was a switch to turn it on and off. i dont want flash slowing down my loading but i would like to have it when i need to see a flash vid (which is all the time)

There is: it's called the "on-demand" Flash option. Try using the xScope browser, I know for sure that it has that option, but I also think Skyfire and Dolphin HD do as well. Check under the browser settings.

I don't have froyo, but my Evo does have flash light, and if the experience is the same or better I will like it. I've found the need for flash several times already.

I've tested both (FL 4 in Evo, FP 10.1 in N1). 10.1 is definitely better both in performance and features. FL4 is actually pretty impressive given what it tries to do, but FP 10.1 is the real thing.