You may remember the nauseating video that we saw of the Nexus One that was strapped to a rocket. And now, the folks at QuestforStars.com have taken it one step above and sent a Motorola Droid into space with a GPS tracking system and digital camera into space, and recorded the whole thing. The Droid was loaded with an application called LapseDroid, which they used to take time lapsed photography of the journey to share with us. While the initial journey, shown in the video after the break, didn't go quite exactly as planned, they do have intentions of upgrading some equipment and trying this again. [via QuestforStars]


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bleedblue says:


bthomasltd says:

Android Returning to Space. One small step for man, one Giant leap for mAndroid.

dacp283 says:

Droid does space AND packing peanuts lol.

6s1d9 says:

It would be funny to see Google provide directions to the nearest Starbucks once its up there

aviduser says:

OMG. I laughed so hard I nearly choked.


". . . came across an illegal operation. . ."

I love living in California

TvTechGuru says:

This is awesome! Droid Does and iDon't. LOL.

So I wonder, does Google Maps work at 150,000 feet? haha.

ChrisX#AC says:

Droid DOES.

ak110707 says:

lol. you beat me to it.

Droid247 says:

Next thing to do is to put a droidx in it

dcreed says:

They'd need a bigger rocket.

aaronbwells says:

Wooow! I'd pay to have that first picture on my Droid Eris' wallpaper!

I'm Ron Burgandy?....

gcims says:

Yes. Beautiful shots of the "Whales Vagina" from above.

cdunn05#AC says:

Droid Does: Outer Space

Kiserai says:

I also love how he put a giant Android decal on the outside of the payload. He's obviously a fan... :)

Good stuff.


Nike makes crappy boots! Seriously, who wears down a pair of boots after a "long hike"?