Qik releases new update and announces 25,000 video chats daily

Qik has announced that more than 25,000 video chats are taking place each and every day through its servers. That's a lot of video chatting. In the same breath, they also announce the new version of their Android app with some improvements concerning connectivity and account activation. They have also disabled the automatic archiving of the video chats.

Personally, I haven't used Qik yet for any video chatting, preferring Fring (because I know people that use Skype and I don't know people who use Qik). How about the rest of you? Let us know in the comments how you feel about Qik, the new update, and if you're one of the over 25,000 daily chats. [via the Qik blog]


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Qik releases new update, announces more than 25,000 video chats per day


Believe it or not but there are millions of business travelers out there that might want to see their spouse/kids while they're on the road.

I wish there was a third option of some sort. Like "I'd like to have it, but it's not a big deal" kinda thing.

It's not a defining feature or a requirement, but it'd be nice to have. I do hope it becomes standard on all smartphones (at least premium devices) sooner rather than later.

I love video chatting, it was one of my reasons to get the, blow your mind Evo :D
I would use Qik for video chatting if it didn't require ppl to know your phone number.
When I used Fring, I hear excess noise & distortion when both of us were in empty rooms.
Does anyone know another app that will do video chatting using user id's, not phone numbers??

Video chat will be driven by 2 things. All the people away from home that would like to feel a little closer. Which I doubt is a very big group. (I grant their are a lot. But enough to create a market?) The other is XXX. Video chat will start to replace Sexting. If we start seeing $ per minute video chat you know it's here to stay. Till then it's like the Beta VCR. Better then VHS & 1st to die.

I don't know anyone that has qik so this app is pointless to me but it is a nice feature to show off to kill those iPhone 4 show offs

I dont see much change in the update wich i think happenda couple of weeks ago.. As for me i like to video chat because i have friends that live in defferent states that i dont get to see all the time.. Since they dont have the Evo i cant really use Qik instead i use Fring wich i think is more convinient because i talk to people with all kinds of phones ofcourse they have to stand in front of a mirror or something because of the missing front camera.. lol

I like to use it every time I get drunk it is do much f*king fun. I have to try it. Oh and this post in old what'd up with that, they most really need some writers BAD. LOL

I dont really care about video chat...but I WOULD love to stream video from the REAR camera to share. Kind of a "this is EXACTLY what I am lookin' at" thing.