Have a shiny new G2 and an interest to help developers optimize their applications for your handset?

Qik, the popular video streaming application for Android, is seeking G2 owners to participate in a Beta to test their application for the device.  If you're interested in helping them bring their cross platform application to your device, shoot off an email to support@qik.com with "T-Mobile G2 Beta Test" as the subject line.  

Happy testing! Via [Facebook]


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Qik looking For T-Mobile G2 beta testers


Tango is MUCH better than Qik, you can talk both ways without having to push a button, and you can video chat between any phones even iPhones.

My thoughts exactly.

Using Tango is completely effortless. I couldn't even find video calling on Fring, and if I did it wouldn't have mattered since, like Qik, it was limited to other Evo users. I installed Tango and never looked back. Seamless integration with my contacts means a simple refresh picks up ANY contact that has it installed. I regularly Tango with my baby sister on her iPhone 4 and my fiancee on her new Samsung Transform.

Tango 1, all others 0