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Just a quick heads up for those of you who rock Android Central on the Pulse News app. We had a little hiccup with our feed earlier this week. But we've got new hamsters in the wheels, and everything's feeding smoothly now. We apologize for the disruption in service and any inconvenience this might have caused you. 


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PSA: We're up and running with Pulse once more


Sorry Phil apology is not accepted. But you can make it up to me with a brand new Nexus device. 5, 7, 10 choose one.

Then I'll gladly accept your apology :-)

Same here, Phil!
But seriously, Great news! I love the Android Central app. I use it when I want to post comments, take polls & hop into the store. But when I just want to catch the latest news, pulse reader is my go to app.

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Glad to have u back. I was freaking out thinking something was wrong with my phone. Thanks for the heads up.

Thx for addressing this. I asked if their might be an issue on an unrelated thread (nowhere else to ask), and got flamed for it. I knew it wasnt a phone issue. Great to have you back!

Thank you - while I love to visit the website when I have time Pulse is my main connection to the news, so I'm glad that AC will once again be part of my daily news intake.

Good! I was wondering if you guys had pulled the feed to drive folks to your app. I use the app, yes, but for a quick view of all my news I use Pulse. I missed your updates on my homescreen!

I wanted to ask, but I couldn't find any way to communicate directly to you (I understand why that may be deliberate). :-)

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Oh, and here I was blaming my phone!

Thanks for the fix, between your Android App and Pulse I hardly ever go online anymore.

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Thanks guys I love the AC app but use Pulse as my only RSS reader and have AC in there with the other Mobile Nations sites (and many more) for completeness and the ability to skim the recent headlines at a glance.

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That whole "fiasco" is what finally led me to download the AC app.

I needed my Android fix!

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Just what I was gonna say. Pulse is great, but for AC, it basically just loads the website in the pulse window. That was 'good enough', but having tried the AC app during the blackout, it's much faster and easier to use.