One of our favorite Google Reader clients, Press, released an update to its app today explaining that it plans to continue development after Reader shuts down on July 1, 2013. First and foremost, Press is not shutting down when Google Reader goes away. The team is already looking into another backend syncing solution, which will ideally be cross-platform one. Noting that they, too, just found out yesterday about the shutdown, they state:

"We have used RSS for many years and believe it's a powerful and efficient way to follow your favorite websites. We're absolutely committed to keep working on Press. We've poured a lot of time and energy into it, and we love our app."

Press isn't alone in their search for a new platform to provide cross-platform RSS news syncing. There are dozens of popular news readers and podcast managers that rely on Google Reader as a syncing platform that will all be either shutting down or looking for a new means to keep going.


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Press plans to continue development post Google Reader shutdown


The news of Google reader was shock as I have been using it for years to check out my fav sites. It was like my window to the internet. I have also been searching for some replacement for it. It is good to see that companies are searching for alternatives and I hope to find some great solution soon.

I'm hoping that they go with Feedly. It should be easy to integrate (as the API will be similar to Reader) and it provides some features that the Feedly app doesn't have (such as offline reading).

You know, all the focus since this story broke has been on apps. I don't even think that's much of a concern. There are dozens of solid news readers in Google Play. Where the loss of Google Reader really hits users, I think, is in the loss of integration between an app and a desktop reading experience. I do most of my RSS reading at my desk. When I get home and hop on my phone, my app has already marked everything I've seen. The only app/site I've seen come close to this kind of dual functionality is Pulse, and it doesn't do it as well as Google Reader.

Yes, would really like to find an RSS client that is both desktop AND Android app. I've been using the Flipboard app lately, but its not desktop, as far as I know. RSS is one of my "must have" apps.

I wanted to try this out but at $2.99 price tag with no demo/trial version that's not going to happen. The refund time frame with google is not long enough for me to get sufficient trial time with something that has to fit my needs and usage that so far has been impossible to replace for all of the other alternatives I've used including many highly recommended and popular apps like currents, pulse, flipboard, gReader, and I can't remember the rest that I tried about 3 years ago when I first moved to android. So far I've installed feedly to try out as a replacement even if interim to avoid any down time from my multiple times a day use of RSS feeds.