Update to version 1.5 also includes new gestures and sharing options

Press is a favorite here at AC. We value its clean interface and easy readability when we need news on the go, and it's one of the bright spots from the whole Google Readerpocalypse from 2013. And it just got a hell of an update.

Version 1.5 brings along a slew of changes. To quote the developers, it is huge. A look at the change log from Google Play.

  • Dark theme
  • All new light theme
  • Immersive mode when viewing articles (KitKat devices)
  • One-tap saving to Pocket/Instapaper (configure in Settings)
  • New gestures in article list
  • Swipe to mark as read/starred
  • Swipe and pull left/right to reveal quick actions
  • Font scaling for accessibility
  • Localization for several languages
  • Bug fixes, performance enhancements

We love the immersive mode on Kit Kat, and the easy saving to Pocket is a huge plus. We also know that plenty of people will love the dark theme, and the rest of the list.

If you're already using Press, grab the update. If you're not, it's a great time to give it a look. Hit the Google Play link above.


Reader comments

Press gets a 'huge' update, brings new dark theme, immersive mode and more


I read all these reviews and figured I must try it.

I uninstalled it right away as the 'Mark All Read' button was at the top. It's a PITA to get my finger all the way up there each time when going through the 15+ feeds I frequent all the time. GReader has an easy button right on the bottom, where my finger naturally is.

It was simple as that for me. No option to move it in settings. It's amazing how spoiled we've become :)

I use Feedly to manage my RSS feeds but swear by Press for reading them on mobile devices. I'd definitely check it out over the official Feedly app.

Better than Feedly's own app, I'd say. But the nice thing is Press integrates with the Feedly service, so you can keep things synced between the web and Press via Feedly on the back-end.

I use Press with feedly because of AC's recommendation and let me tell you, it's a very easy to use, but powerful app with a great deal of polish. I can't think of any other RSS client that is this feature rich while at the same time being so good aesthetically.

I'd love to see a trial version. There are some news apps that people like that don't work well for me.

Try any RSS client with feedly implementation and see if it is to your liking, there are a ton of free ones out there. Press is just easy to use and aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing functionality.

Press (Or any RSS client for that matter) is MUCH better than any of the more casual news clients, it just takes a few minutes of your time to set up your own feeds (probably as long as it took to set up your Currents).

Current is more of a magazine style. Press uses rss feed, but also won't mess any news. With rss feeds you are in control of what you haven't read or skimmed. It is great if you don't want to mess any news from certain blogs. If you just need something to see what is currently popular to pass the time, then Current might be good for you.

Been switching between this, gReader, & Feedly app...with this update I'm sticking with Press. Its a winner!

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I love the integration with flipboard and all of my newsreader apps. It's scores a 10/10 in my book. The update is great, haven't found any qualms so far. Ease of use is outstanding. Thanks for the info AC.

Was a favorite of mine up until their latest update. Still looking for a good alternative.

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Press (and RSS in general) is much better, I used Pulse, Flipboard, Currents, and Appy Geek until I finally got around to setting up my RSS feed and I haven't looked back since then.

I would love to try this since most people are raving about how great it is, but there is no trial version. Since Google still has that rediculous 15 minute refund policy, I don't feel like throwing my money away on something that I may not like.

15 minutes is ridiculous. Apps often only few Euro' s, but more than half of all my bought apps was a totally waste of money. Together a lot of money

Tried Press once at a friends. Looks and feels great. However once read white text on black background on e-display and you never go back to reading with white background. So If anybody can confirm if new dark theme includes night/inverted view for articles themselves also. I would buy Press instantly.

Now gReader and NewsPlus bèta (with support for various rss services) from same developper favorite. ReaderPlus good but has terrible mobilizer (skips among others reader reactions of articles) Feedly has the looks but not the most joyable experience.

I miss in all rss-apps scrol-options for tapping or swiping for next page in articles. Normal scrolling on especially tablets is often unhandy and irritating.

Still lacks an image preview icon for each story. I know this would mess with the aesthetic, but an image icon is a great way to see, at a glance, whether certain stories are worth clicking on or not.

As others said as well, a trial version would go a long way.

Bought the app. Turns out to be a waste of money. The UI is great. It has dark theme, but dark grey background instead of much better black. The real fail of this app however is the terrible limited mobilizing of articles. Showing often only lead of opened articles. And on top of that internal browser has no nightview.

They must watch and learn how good gReader handels articles. Readibilty or webview showing whole aticles including even most of the time reader-discussions. All possible to read in perfect inverted view.

ReaderPlus and Press of paid rss-apps are beautifull and have great UI. But concerning handling the articles they don't come even close to gReader.