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In light of the impending Google Reader shutdown, Press pushes on with new updates

Although Google may be pulling the rug out from underneath a lot of reader apps, Press doesn't seem to be bothered by it. In an update to its app today, Press added several new features that will enhance the overall user experience. First are a pair of widgets -- one large, resizable and scrollable widget and one 1x1 widget that simply lists the number of unread stories. The widgets are simple and clean, with a slightly transparent black background. Once you're in the app, there are several more improvements to be seen.

You can now continually scroll vertically through news stories, rather than swiping horizontally to switch. There are also several new options when long-pressing in articles to make it easier to star, share and mark articles as read. Press also prominently displays on its app description that the app isn't going away. We look forward to seeing what the developers end up choosing as a new back-end solution to replace Reader.


Reader comments

Press adds widgets, several usability improvements


Thank you, Andrew for the news.
The absence of widgets, good looking and tidy, on Press was a deal breaker for me,
Now I can go and buy the full version.

Thanks again for the awesome news.

Is Press still requesting access to read the log? I'm fed up with developers that sell you the app with reasonable permissions and then add even the most intrusive permissions. This is like breaking the app after I paid for it.