Our good friends at PreCentral.net just published their full review of the Palm Pre and have come away impressed. For those who've been living under a rock: the Palm Pre is most definitely the most exciting smartphone release since well, Android. Our main man Dieter really stepped up and delivered a magnificent review of this much ballyhooed device and we're excited to welcome a new competitor to the fold.

If you ever wanted to know anything about the Palm Pre, PreCentral.net's Review should serve you fine. Over 200 images. 12 videos. Yeah, they do it right.


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PreCentral.net Reviews the Palm Pre!


Gee, a website called PreCentral.net giving the Palm Pre good reviews? I'm shocked! The Palm Pre is just a late iPhone wannabe. Apple had a jump start in this segment due to their innovative designs and monopoly over this segment so far. Android will take it from here because of its wide openness which allows more developers to improve it. Palm is like the IBM OS2 operating system trying to catch up to the PCs & Macs a couple of decades ago. Too late but I applaud them since any competition is always good for consumers.

-Huge consumer base with unbelievably loyal following
-great, intuitive product
-amazing advertising power/savvy

Those three are the reasons iPhone is so successful. I'm getting a Pre on Monday. I have had iPhone, iPhone 3G, and currently on G1. (Just for the record)