New album art options and additional languages also make it into the latest update

Poweramp is seeing some pretty significant changes in the widget department for version 2.0.9-b528. Homescreen widgets are now fully customizable: the background, text, icons, and buttons can now be completely configured to the user's liking. For anyone that doesn't want to spend the time tweaking every aspect of a widget, up to 15 premade styles are also available to choose from. Existing widgets don't have to be trashed in favor of a fresh one when something needs to be tweaked; tapping the top right of a widget reopens the configuration screen. Phones can now resize widgets that are 4x4 and 2x2, while tablets running Android 3.1+ can change the size of any widget.

Album art gets a 24-bit RGB option, which means higher color resolution (but uses twice the memory). For older Androids, a Notification Album Art option was also added. A new Disable Route Output Button setting and support for Arabic and Vietnamese round out this update.

Follow the Play Store link up top to view and download the latest version of Poweramp Music Player.


Reader comments

Poweramp Music Player gets a major widget update


+1 on the star ratings. I'd also add play count and (this is my big one) support for the Album Artist tag.

Currently only Play Music seems to handle Album Artist correctly. PlayerPro tries, but often gets it quite wrong.

Now if only they'd make it so that playlists I put on my Droid RAZR HD show all of the songs. One playlist I have has 168 songs on it; Poweramp only shows 38 songs. Can't fix it; can't import system playlists. Never ever works.