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Couldn't make it to last night's Android Central/Samsung/Netshelter reader meet-up and Galaxy Tab 10.1 event? No worry, we'll bring a little slice of it to you. We can't remember how many phones, Galaxy Tab 7s and Galaxy Tab 10.1 vouchers we gave away -- to say nothing of the Samsung smartphones.

So peep the video above. It's just a small snippet of a great night with a bunch of Android fans and new friends. We'll have to do this again, folks.


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The post where we bring the party to you ...


Very cool and is anything going to be annouced for the 1000's of people who sadly don't live and not able to make this party who also support AC. Would be nice for a forum giveaway or something even on a small level, but hey congrats to those who do live there and got to enjoy the great community event.

I wasn't one of the lucky ones to have won anything, but Phil did give me a cool Android Central sticker! Really? A sticker, Phil?? ;)
The food was good and I got a chance at some time with the 10.1 and that was enough to sell me. I'll definitely be getting one!

Was 922265 called? I left after the first give-away and handed that ticket to another android fan on my way out.

Oh and Phil, I was the guy who came up and introduced myself to you just before the first drawing got going. Real big fan of you and the site, great job you're doing here!

Awesome event... I would also love to see some swag given away outside of the events/podcasts. Did any of you that went watch any movie clips? If so how smooth was it? Also I would like to know if the stock video player will play large bit rate avi files. Thanks in advance guys!

I was on a tab next to this other guy who was playing a 1080p vid on it of a sail boat out on the water and the image clarity and smoothness of the video was amazing.

I don't know if he pulled up a YouTube vid or it was stored locally on the Tab but he said it was his video and that he wanted to check out how it looked on the Tab so I am guessing it was YouTube. Stunning! I was shocked at how crisp it looked.

It was a real nice event, first time for me going to one of these..
A question though, were are the official photos going to be posted?

It was really cool. I got to meet phil(and sneak a pic w. him). He's a nice guy and they did a great job showing off the new galaxy tab 10.1. Man, it's so lightweight, it makes my xoom feel like a brick.

Man I had a blast. It was fun, got to meet Phil and eat like a king! I hope this isn't a one shot deal. Viva la Android Central!!! By the way, the person at 2:24 in the video that is snapping the photo with the camera phone is me!

Its was a cool night I wish I would have one a tab though lol met phil he was cool I was hoping to get an android shirt but I got a sticker lmao do it again soon

Great event! I won a Droid Charge which I am hooking up today. I'm in the video, buzzed, accepting my award and shaking Phil's hand like a champ. Was happy just to see the new tab and talk Android with people... winning was a great surprise and I'm grateful to everyone for throwing this event.

there were a few girls....but what really matters is that it was fun.. oh by the way thank Phil for the shirt you gave me outside when everyone was on the line. =) oh an my friends are jealous i took a picture with you aahahahha.

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