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Sony's Tablet S has yet to see widepsread success, but it seems one early adopter is none other than Pope Benedict XVI, who today used the device to wirelessly turn on festive lighting in Gubbio, Italy. From his home in Vatican City, the Pope used the tablet's Wifi connection to send the signal over the Internet and illuminate the 2,460-foot-tall display, which is described as the "world's biggest Christmas tree".

Curiously, MSNBC reports that the Vatican originally intended to use an iPad instead of the Android-powered Sony device. Whatever was behind the chance in plans, it seems the Tablet S was more than up to the task.

Source: MSNBC; via: The Verge


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Pope lights up 'world's biggest Christmas tree' with Sony Tablet S


I'm almost sure that if you look closely you can tell that he's actually playing World of Goo. Yes, it's that addictive!

I think he's watching porn, he only has one hand above the desk, and according to Apple, Android is for porn.