Super Bowl

It's prediction time!

Cue dramatic music and sportscasters with more statistics that you can shake a stick at, because it's almost time for the big game. No, not the Mobile Nations intramural football tournament (iMore would totally win, because Rene is a ninja) but the big NFL game that you have to be careful how you mention. It's pretty super, for a football bowl game. Whether you watch it on your TV or on your Android, you will probably watch it.

On one side you have Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, with Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks on the other. Nobody knows who will win, but we all have a guess. Hit the poll (after the break) and give us yours. Be sure to tell us in the comments why you're right and your team will win.

Go Broncos. 


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Poll: Who will win the Super Bowl?


I want the Denver Broncos to win because my team (The San Francisco 49ers) couldn't make it because of dumb referees in the NFC Championship.

Lol stop if the 49ers were the best team they would have beat the Seahawks. The refs didn't cause the game

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You miss spelled referees... could be spelled SHERMAN or KRAPERNIC... take your pic but stop being a poor loser and get on. You were out played. Just like the broncos were in the superbowl. #pathetic

As I said in the other thread.

I want the Seahawks, but know it will be the Broncos

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

Haha. This actually put a smile on my face, lol.

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I would love to see the broncos so that sherman will finally shut up. Honestly though, it would probably just make him talk more.

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Funny... the only people that dont like sherman are idiots that REALLY have no clue who they are talking trash about... Guess what? Shermans plan worked. He even got in your head (not to mention his opponents

I live in the UK...

Channel 4 is making a huge deal about it even though no one else here cares (we don't know the teams) so I'm not watching.

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The NFL threw a shed load of money at the UK a couple of years back to try to make us a new revenue source, but very few people care about watching Americans play a game only they play. The NBA tried in the 90s with little success.

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We lived in Australia in the late '80s and early '90s. The NFL tried to get the Aussies hooked on "Gridiron" (Aussie for American football) without success. The only ones that watched it were the very wealthy. Like the damned billionaires of the NFL, and their multimillionaire players need MORE money for a stupid game!

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Since the rich people of the world are the ones who who truly have all the power, I'm gonna go with... YES!

OK, not "All" the problems in the world, but definitely 99% of them.

So you're a AFL fan then. I always think of it as basket ball with a football.. That's Aussie rules..

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As I voted, the only way is not to play this pointless game of millionaires for billionaires, only to make all parties involved all the wealthier from YOUR wallet. Certainly NOT my wallet! I've been to exactly ONE football game, being forced by my wife to go. Half an hour into the game, I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I excused myself to my in-law's car and slept until everyone returned. The term "Bread, and Circuses" is so very fitting for what is going on with US society, and its obsession with football. People can spout utterly meaningless garbage about everything football, but know nothing about what's going on with our government, and our loss of freedom. Sigh!

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Bro, not everything has to be political or about the government. Sports are one of the few things that keep me happy while our freedoms are being taken away. And who cares if they make money? Shouldn't they have the "right" to do so? Just relax a little and enjoy life.

Either you are full of shit

Or your wife is a better man than you.

Since I like to think the best of people, I am sure you are trolling....

Very good observation and it's a view that I wholeheartedly agree. The guys below me here are prime example of the state of our society today and why the government gets away with their antics. In the future freedom will probably be a synonym for football and people will shout out: "electrolytes!".

If the US sucks so bad.. go somewhere else. Bet the only thing your doing to change any of the things you bitch about is post in this and other forums..

Why isn't there an "I couldn't care less" option? Because, I really couldn't care any less than I do now. I do like the Superb Owl though.

Ha! I've already got one! Tell ya what give one to manning because all he's Gonna do next season is eat the kit kat!

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Are icky.

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Same. Couldn't care less about the superbowl this year aside from commercials, but I'm rooting for the Broncos because hopefully this Manning can win something since our boy here in NY couldn't make it.

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Aren't you cute? Here in Seattle we apologize to the Manning family for the beat down we gave both brothers this year...a combined 66-8.

Looks like a majority of you picked the wrong team!

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Lol, that's what I was thinking as well. Bronco's getting creamed. The only thing exciting about this Superbowl are the commercials and Bruno Mars and the red hot chilli peppers

I've not seen worse play from Denver all season. They picked a great time to bring the suck. What a letdown...

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As a University of Tennessee alumni, I'm expected to pull for Manning.....hell no, I've heard his name til I could literally projectile vomit and I hate Denver with a passion.


Donkeys showed up for the Super Bowl instead of the Broncos. They look like they don't even belong there. :'( Kudos to Seattle (and their defense), they're the better team! :)

This just in: The Denver Broncos franchise has petitioned the NFL to never EEEEVVVVEEERRR play an NFC West team in the Superbowl EVER again!

This "game" is so embarrassing to watch. I'm not even sure I can call this a game anymore, lol.

I was honestly pulling for the Broncos. But, after seeing that crap, they don't even deserve to be on the field, lol.

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What a lame game overall. . . I want my 4 hours back! !

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This is no prediction, its after the fact.... Whoa, what just happened??!!

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Well that was a complete waste of 4 hours and my evening ... but then I think to myself... Floyd Mayweather laid down a $10.4 million dollar bet on the broncos to win! talk about REALLY having a bad evening!

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I would NEVER bet on a football game. I damn sure loved that ass-whuppin' though. Only the ones rooting for the Bronco's say it was a crappy Superbowl, and yes, I understand that.

I live in CO, and all year I've had to put up with "We're going to the Superbowl this year", and "We're going to kick everyone's ass", and "Decker, Thomas, and Manning can whup anybody", etc, repeat... Now it's "They". "They didn't show up", and "Yes, they blew it", and they, they, they...I'm asking everyone who starts with "They"...What happened to "We"?

Can you honestly say it was a competitive game? By good, I mean competitive. And, it wasn't competitive. AT ALL. Something told me that the coin toss and the first snap set the tone for the rest of the game, lol.

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No, it wasn't "competitive" in the least, and I figured that was going to be the case with either the 49ers, OR the Seahawks. All 3 teams Denver lost to this season had a defense that showed up, including the time the Chargers beat them. When the other team has a defense, the Bronco's are less than stellar. Seahawks, meet the Bronco's, Bronco's, meet the NUMBER ONE DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE...BY FAR.

Well glad I didn't waste my time watching that. I just hope the Panthers aren't eliminated the first game of the Playoffs next year.

Haha, you're killing me, man.

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The Broncos just didn't seem to want to play ball tonight. All kinds of mistakes, and the Seahawks just ate it up. Even the commercials weren't up to it this year besides a few.. The RadioShack one was pretty funny I thought.. (memories) lol

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Great Game! Wanted the Seahawks to win after they were truly robbed by the NFL in their first SB appearance in Detroit back in 2006. Even the Halftime Show was good this year.

+1 There was nothing great about this Super Bowl. Hell, the commercials even sucked, minus a few good ones.

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Haha, fair enough.

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Yeah, it was pretty good. I still really liked the Doritos Time Machine.

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Just read the comments and save yourself some time.

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Lol, I can't help but laugh at this.

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I think beast mode was turned off... Lol. Foal (baby horse) mode was the replacement.

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Wow that was a terrible Superbowl happy hawks won but man was it boring. Last year raven were killing the 49ers til the power went out for over 30mins but at least Beyonce killed it and looked hot. Then this year the legend Payton Manning blew it and I thought the halftime show sucked I think most NFL fans would rather a hot girl singing than Bruno mars and rhcp jumping around. Ratings mist be going down since everyone is shutting there TVs off after halftime lol

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Gah. That hurt. Now I need to brace myself for all the flak I'm going to receive at school tomorrow and/or the rest of this week...

I'm (barely) happy that it wasn't a total blowout. But it's almost like the team thought they were still in practice...

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I meant at least Denver scored something. I was unsure the team I've come to know and love was actually there...

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A waste of my time.

I don't even like or play sports.

Even the commercials were mehh.

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Thank god I didn't see it. A waste of time IMO. The commercial of Transformers which was what i really wanted to see was terrible IMO.

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I actually really enjoyed that game I think it was great watching such amazing d#

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I find it kinda funny that all the Broncos fans say the game was a waste of time. Surely it wouldn't have been if the Broncos won. If they had gotten some points in the first half they might have had a chance. Nobody can blame the refs on bad calls or anything this time, Seattle straight up owned the field. The defense tore it up! Go Seahawks!

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I'm not going to lie, I wanted the Broncos to win. Period. But, I still wanted a good game. And, I didn't get a good game.

So, IN MY OPINION, it WASN'T a good game, lol.

Good for you that your team won. Next week, life goes back to normal and no one cares anymore.

The end of football season still sucks.

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I'm so sick of the Bronco's fans. They get in each others faces trying to test some kinda' faux "loyalty". I'm surprised they don't coin each other. Then when the Bronco's lose, they all disavow the team until the next year when they string together 3+ wins in a row.


To be honest, I'm really not even a Broncos fan. I'm a Peyton Manning fan, even after that game.

I don't really care for Russell Wilson. I do think Pete Carroll is a great coach, though.

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No, you're pathetic, lol. I hope you're getting paid hefty to troll the comments, lmao.

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I like Peyton, and hell, I have nothing against the Bronco's...It's their fucking inbred fan base that pisses me off. Come to Colorado in the middle of football season if the Bronco's are doing well...then come back sometime when they're sucking on a bag of dicks and you'll see the difference...Fair weather fans at best.

Haha, that would drive me nuts. So, they deserve this, lol.

I feel like the Seahawks were destined to win this. It is their first Super Bowl win, right?

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My teams (Packers and Bears) were nowhere near the playoffs, lol. There's always next year, lol.

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Holy crap. So, I replied the wrong thing. Gimme a break, lol.

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I'm a West Coast fan...Chargers, Niners, Hawks. Chargers have sucked since forever and are the NFL Version of the team that plays the Globetrotters in Basketball...But I have Seau and Tomlinson jerseys :)

Man, truthfully, I'm just a fan of football. Period. And, the end of football season sucks. =(

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My wife's from Washington so we were wanting the Seahawks to win. That game sucked. It was no fun watching it. I wanted to see TWO teams want to win. I wanted to see some competition. I wanted to watch a real GAME.

I wanted the sewhawks to win and I was stilled disappointed with the game +1000000000000000000000000

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We're you at the game? Or just screaming at the TV like I always do?

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Redhook Brewery. I usually watch, and scream, at home. However the Hawks in Superbowl again with this dynamic team warranted getting together with other 12s to enjoy the game together.

Just proves once again that AFC Defenses are weak and the offenses they are measured against are often overrated. NFC West is the home of physical defense. 49'ers would've done the same thing to the Broncos and I'm green and blue through and through.

That was not the case just last year. The AFC had a down year but they will bounce back as they always do and I seriously doubt that same type of game happens again.

Reminds me of the Pre-season game against Denver earlier this year, 40-10.
Denver looked as helpless then as they did last night.

Exactly...I remembered that game. The Bronco's fans didn't, and it was obvious. That Seattle "D" is amazing to watch. I wouldn't have wanted to been a Bronco receiver...Catch-Pow-Loss-of-3

I didn't see that game. So, this was deja vu, huh?

Wow, so the preseason game ended 40-10, and this game ended 43-8.

Well, that says a lot, lol.

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You guys are hilarious, lol.

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Manning was lost from the first play of the game. He never recovered from the safety. That takes nothing away from the Seahawks. They played a near perfect game. That being said, the NFC and AFC Championship games were more enjoyable to watch. It makes you wonder about the teams the Broncos played this year.

This was the UnSuperBowl!

I'm glad to see that Defense can still win Championships. The rules are all slanted toward more offense and scoring because that's what the NFL thinks we want to see. I don't. I love hard hitting, intimidating defense and always have.

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