Moto 360 and LG G Watch

Along with the announcement of Android Wear, we received a cursory look at two of its first smartwatches — the Moto 360 and LG G Watch.

There's still a lot we don't know. We don't know the display tech being used. We have no idea about battery life. And we don't know price. But that's never kept folks from forming an opinion before, and there's nothing wrong with preferring the look of one over the other.

So we ask you: Which watch works best for you at this point? The round Moto 360? Or the square LG G Watch? Take our poll, then let us know in the comments your reasoning.


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Poll: Which Android Wear watch is worthy of your wrist?


Definitely the 360. It's fantastic even with the little info we have. Hopefully the details don't ruin the splendor.

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I seriously hope LG pays attention to price.
We know Moto can bring prices down.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

Only if Google foots the bill. Right now we have no idea what lenovo will do

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

all this was planned WAY before lenovo bought them (which i dont think is even complete yet) so i think there is still a chance this will be decently priced. but who knows. SUPER exceited to see these things in action. Just really hope there are some sport sensors.

Your right about the planning, but with a deal in place the incentive is kinda gone (but not entirely) for google to shell out money for Lenovo to gain market share.

Why would it affect Google to shell out money to help Lenovo? Lenovo is trying to sell more phones in a new market which they need Motorola. The more phones they sell, the more people using Google's OS and services. Which means more money made for Google.

It's called spending money to make money.

Lenovo can do that all by themselves. They have the cash power that Samsung has. No reason for Google to do it. They get paid either way

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

$200 would be a very good price point, especially if they combine the smart watch and fitness together.
But I also think after Google Glass comes out later this year, Glass will make smartwatches obsolete, as long as they make the design more ergonomic and less conspicuous.

Yah hopefully get a couple days out of it minimum. And price of course. But I'm thinking of Grabbing a moto 360 when it's a available. Will be my first smart watch

A couple of days at a minimum? Yo dawg! You be settin' yourself up for some serious disappoint.

Let's do the math: The Nexus battery life is pretty much the standard. An N5 will give you 4 hours of screen-on browsing time on a full charge with a mix of LTE and WiFi. If you have sync enabled for all your Google apps and maps location sharing, your stand-by time averages 12-14 hours with close to 2.5 hours of screen on browsing time.

Extrapolating that experience, you can probably get 2 hours tops of screen-on time (they don't expect you to browse on this thing) and probably 24 hours of mixed stand-by from this device. Remember, this device will always need to be connected to your smartphone through bluetooth to be useful to any degree. There will also be an impact to your smartphone battery life though given average use-cases, the distribution of use between the smartphone and smartwatch should give you more standby time on your phone for the things the you need to use your phone only.

PS You'd be lucky to have more than 600mAh on the Motorola device, INMHO.

Disclaimer: All figures pulled straight outta my ass with some brain filtering.

Nexus battery life as the standard? I know you had to start somewhere to get to your math, but that was a bad place to start. It flaws the entire premise to a major extent

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Clarification: [Taking] The Nexus battery life is pretty much the standard [for a product with Google's strong influence. All of their products have historically had average-to-low battery performance].

And, hey everyone has the right to disagree, like I said, I am not claiming anything :-)

It's importatnt to remember, though, that the watch will have substantially less battery drain from the screen (because it's much smaller) and will not have the drain from the cellular radio. Those two items are the *biggest* drain on the battery for pretty much any cell phone. So, it wouldn't be crazy to expect even a 600-800 mha battery provide a good experience. And, if Moto (or LG) goes with one of these Marisol displays (think color e-ink), we could end up with something quite impressive.

Either way, if it will last at least a day easily, and they make it easy to recharge at night (like Qi charging or some such) then I think it will be successful. The Moto 360 is the sexiest smart watch I've seen yet.

How about comparing it to another Motorola device? Like the Razr Maxx? Probably should give them better battery life credit than an LG...

2 hours of screen on time would be great. As you said, this is not for browsing - just for a quick glance to see the current notification, and to decide whether to pull out the connected phone or not.

Even with ten 6-second glances an hour, that's 1 minute an hour. Even for one who doesn't sleep, that's 24 minutes of screen on time. Unless the watch display sucks up battery, that should be plenty. (hopefully, the watch display turns on only when the user turns the wrist to look at it, using some sensors)

Bluetooth LE's power consumption is minimal. I use my N5 with my car's receiver (which is NOT bluetooth LE), and the battery drain is almost the same (maybe an extra 1% drain every couple of hours) - tested this on a long 8 hour drive recently. With Bluetooth LE, I expect the drain to be even lower (on both sides - the phone and the watch)

The battery really needs to be able to last 2 days on average use though. If not, I'll probably hold off till they can get battery life to be 2 days for average use.

I've refused to wear a watch for about 10 years now, and don't see me going back to that any time soon.
Haven't needed on since I got a cell phone.

Watches run for a year minimum. There is no way I'd choose one that needs charging daily. Until I can ditch the cell phone entirely for a watch that lasts days, I don't see what the attraction is. Bling, yeah, I get that part. Functionality? Not so much.

"Watches run for a year minimum. There is no way I'd choose one that needs charging daily. Until I can ditch the cell phone entirely for a watch that lasts days, I don't see what the attraction is."

This must be the first case of commenting in sleep.

The Moto 360 is going to win this by a landslide. I've been converted to smart watches after seeing this little beauty.

Price would be the deciding factor between them, but the Moto 360 is sexy as hell

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While price is a consideration for me, I'm not going to buy a smartwatch that doesn't look good. The Moto 360 is the first smartwatch I've actually liked the look of. If the Moto 360 comes in at £200 or less with a decent battery life then I'll probably buy it, if it costs more than that, I'll probably wait a bit longer.

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I seem to be the only one that also likes the LG watch on a bunch of sites...

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I prefer the G Watch look as well. Plus, I think LG has a better grip on fitting higher capacity batteries into small spaces, so I expect to see something good there.

Moto 360 looks the best right now.Everyone keeps saying battery life. Have we all forgot about the x an the droids great battery life already?

Yeah but their previous watch attempt, the MOTOACTV didn't. Battery life was between 5 and 20 hours so it's still a big question. This one looks like it'll do less on its own and rely on the phone more so that should help.

Motorola stated at MWC14 they were focusing on two things for their smartwatch: style and battery life. Considering how well they addressed the former, I'm cautiously optimistic regarding the latter.

Moto, because I told myself I wouldn't be interested until one actually looked like jewelry and was capable of working with more than one brand of Android phone. I didn't want one that looked like a pair of headphones, or a child's toy, on my wrist.

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I agree with the general consensus that the Moto 360 looks better. I also hate how we are predisposed to prefer the familiar looking rather than the new.

I'm not sure that it's quite as simple as that. Most of the other smart watches to hit the shelves have not just deviated from the "classic" design, but have also been very industrial looking and bulky, which are entirely different reasons to dislike them that just not looking classic.

I love the Motorola Moto360, it look like an actual Wristwatch.
while I like it a like it a lot, I won't get one until I make sure its :

- Does NOT have an AMOLED screen.
- I can use it as a traditional wristwatch right out of the box & don't have to pair it with a phone\tablets\whatever.

If you just need it to tell you the time without pairing I'm sure it will as most on the market now already do that.

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curious why you DONT want a smartwatch with an AMOLED screen. this is one place i would Like to have one. and I am pretty sure, since moto loves AMOLED screens, this WILL have one.

i guess the only downfall is outdoor viewing.

AMOLED screens hurt my eyes & give me headache.
its not just Smartwatches , the same with phones.

Outdoor viewing is not an issue on the Note 3 so I am guessing it will not be much an issue from here on out.

Your Note 3 must be special, then. Lol

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Sorry to say, but AMOLED is a 98% probability given. In this case, that screen tech is far, far, far superior to LCD due to the fact that it can light up individual pixels for the generic watch face which saves a massive amount of battery power. They also favored AMOLED for their recent smartphones (late 2011-present), so the chances of LCD are even more slim.
As for the second, I wouldn't expect that functionality either. It will almost certainly work that way after being setup (only displaying time when not connected to a smartphone or wifi), but I would not expect that to be the case out of the box based on its presumed use case. However, I could very well be proven wrong on this point, as it is much more speculative than the screen tech.

Yea I know, just some wishful thinking.
as you mentioned, Motorola went with AMOLEDs for DROID RAZR & all what came out after that.
I was also thinking the same thing, I'm sure you gonna have set it up first ... Probably via a phone or tablet .... Uh well, back to Swatch watches it is.

You are correct. In fact, the use case for a smartwatch only becomes marketable if the screen is always 'on' [to display time]. AMOLED is the only option to do it in a power efficient manner because it can selectively turn 'on' pixels. The alternative is ePaper but it's compounded by bad user touch experience and it has no color options. I would up the 98% to 99.99% probability.

You forgot about Qualcomm Mirasol. That is their own super power efficient color display. It is used in the Toq smart watch. In my opinion AMOLED is still better, but the tech is very promising.

Not exactly true as Marisol can take car of the Color for E-Ink. It isn't perfect, but better then no color at all

Yep. It will almost certainly be AMOLED, but there is a slim possibility they could use Qualcomm's Mirasol displays, which is what the Toq uses. Both have their very low power advantages, but I am still saying AMOLED is the most likely choice due to the number of black watch faces they showed off.

Why against the AMOLED, out of curiosity? AMOLED can provide much better power efficiency then LCD if you use a darker color scheme.

After using an AMOLED phone for a couple of minutes my eyes start to feel like it burns, turns redish, get tears & I get a headache ... It only happens with AMOLED screens & Florescent lights , I don't know why though.

I have no problem with LCDs.

These aren't concept images. The LG watch is supposed to go on sale in Q2 and the 360 is supposed scheduled for this summer.

I really don't think there's any contest here. The moto for sure. Unless the LG is like $50 and the moto is $250 or more the moto wins.

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agreed. it all comes down to price for me.
I like both designs, but i would much prefer to wear the Moto...but if its like $100 more for something I'm not even sure how much I would use, I will be going for the cheaper one.

maybe, since there are other OEMs out there as well, we will see a slighly lower quality (read:cheaper) rounded watch.

Are people forgetting updates? Motorola has been stellar with their updates on the Moto X. LG will fuck you in the ass. And then some more.

For something this cutting edge, expect a LOT of quick updates from Google in upcoming months after release and I, for one, don't want to be caught stuck in the wrong stream.

Almost certainly the 360, battery life be damned (Unless it's stupidly low like under 10 hours) I just hope they launch it quickly in Europe and not 8 months later like the Moto X

Moto 360, really one of the best smart watches I've seen yet. If it's true that it's coming out this summer (US) and it runs android wear and they said there will be a low price barrier ($200-$250?) Then I don't see what's not to like.
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Almost seems too good to be true.

I feel we got a better look at the moto 360. I am not counting the LG watch out yet. I feel I didn't see enough of it to make an educated decision on looks alone.



This isn't a post about if you'll buy one or not. The article already assumes that you ARE buying one.

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He makes a valid point. Personally, I still think the interface for smartwatches is inherently flawed. You either speak to it, which folk are loathe to do, or you have to use two hands, in which case you may as well take out your phone. Plus poor battery life (which isn't going to change soon).
LG and especially Moto have addressed the clunky/ugly/cheap design aspect though. That 360 is damn sexy.

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Ok, fair enough, brother.

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I rarely use two hands with my phone, why would i need to use two hand for a watch?

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Exactly. If you want to do anything with the touchscreen, you need to use one hand to actually interact with the screen, but you generally need to put the watch face in a position to be viewed and manipulated, which effectively ties up the arm that the watch is on as well.

The smartwatch doesn't really make you any more "connected" than having a smartphone by itself, as the watch is basically a 2nd, smaller screen for some aspects of the phone. It's like having that watch that had an alarm on it, except you now have alarms automatically set on your watch, for every appointment, with no extra interaction with your calendar. It's not like the watch is connecting to the internet for you, but now you don't have to pull your phone out of your pocket to see what every notification is, or to do quick things like read/reply to a text. It's also handy if you're driving, because you don't really need to take your eyes off the road to check your phone when it buzzes, meaning you can see what it's buzzing about now, instead of when you get to your destination (and possibly forget you had a notification). There are a lot of potential advantages here.

Add to that the MotoX's ability to designate a trusted Bluetooth device to automatically lock/unlock the phone based on proximity, and it's another nice feature the watch can bring to the user experience on your phone.

My main concern is, will this and a Bluetooth headset be able to coexist, as in both working at the same time? There have been some issues with existing smartwatches on this matter.

I really can't decide if I should cancel my Pebble Steel order and wait for the Moto 360. Technology drives me crazy cause you could wait a lifetime holding out for something better. It's hard to know when to jump in

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I personally would cancel it until you see more of the 360. Especially since the reviews are that the Pebble Steel felt cheap and not much of an upgrade over the Pebble.

They are both completely different devices that not only look different, function differently. Your conundrum is kinda like holding out on buying a Kindle Paper White eReader because a new iPad Air has been announced. Just consider what it is you actually want and need from a smartwatch and which you find more attractive, then weigh those 2 things to make your decision.

Cancel. You can always buy the Steel when you see the 360 unless you can't wait for 4 months to make the decision.

Yeah, if this guy needs to post to a forum for a life decision like this, he needs to respawn and start at KG.

Hey AndroidCentral - when are you going to wake up and use Google+ comment integration? Unless I am a dolmen and missing something.

Moto 360 got my vote, but kind of depends on price. $200 or less - shut up and take my money. $300 or less - mmm, o.k. I quit wearing a watch a couple of years ago, after over 4 decades of regular wear. The only time I missed a watch was during takeoff and landing on commercial flights, but even that issue is moot. Still, having some of my info more "handy" might be good.

/Anybody else think of Dick Tracy when seeing the square smart watches?

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no way is a smartwatch going to be more expensive than their flagship phone....get real.

it doesn't have a large battery, it doesn't have a large/high res screen, it doesn't have their crazy processor inside (probably not anyway)
they will price it at like $250 or less if they want to move any units.

Motomaker was a pretty big concession to style/fashion for a smartphone. The price for this could be anywhere within a wide range. I suspect Moto will release it with a couple levels, some with a more executive look to them, others a little simpler, primarily with the difference in the band.

The Moto, because it looks like a watch, except that it's probably sized for a man's wrist and I don't want to wear a watch any bigger than the one I already wear. But, really, neither, because I am not yet sold on the idea of a smart watch. What's going to be the killer app?

They both look like watches. Do you mean, it looks like a watch you may have owned, or a style of watch you like? Or an analog watch?

i like the LG G Watch over the Moto 360. why? because it's not trying to be something it's not. i already own an expensive luxury swiss mechanical timepiece. no smartwatch will ever be able take its place for certain days and events. but there may be room for a smartwatch for other days and events. you drive the Lexus for the dinner at the 5 star restaurant and you drive the Jeep to the beach. maybe i wear a smartwatch only on those days of heavy meetings or anticipated communication? but then i wonder - doesn't that defeat the purpose of it? what's the point if you're not all in?

regardless - smartwatches pretending to be fine timepieces will ALWAYS look cheesy. however, that doesn't mean that they can't look cool - sleek, minimalist, and simple.

i am undecided on whether i will ever get one.

There is room......lots of it between Timex and Patek you know.
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I disagree with you and what everyone else is saying. I agree with you on the point that I, too, don't think smartwatches, or ANY tech really, should pretend to be something its not, in design terms, and have spoken out against it. I think smartwatches should be future forward. Having said that, I don't think this Moto 360 is pretending to be "old fashioned." "Future forward" doesnt mean square face, and rubber band. I think future forward is sleek, metalic, sexy, colorful, vibrant and visual. And I think Moto's design hits all those points. Especially since the huge plain watch face is constantly replaced by the very future forward Google Now interface....Additionally, to your last point, I don't think the point of a smarwatch is to where that one smartwatch every day, everywhere, for it to be a purposeful buy. I don't own a smartwatch yet, but wear regular watches, and I do switch those up, as you describe. I have one for the gym, I have one for most days, and I have a more dressy one. And I don't wear one everyday. I would be the same with a smartwatch. I'd get this Moto 360 as my high end, maybe a Fossil as a more casual one, and I'd definitely take a look at what else Google has up it's sleeve.

An idiot as always Gekko. Good to know you can be relied on for that.
What you're essentially saying is that only a chronometer should look like a luxury device while a piece of tech should look a completely different way.
Which is stupid.
Of course, everyone here already knows how generally full of it you are.

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I never thought I'd be defending Gekko (seriously, never thought it would happen, not even back in the PalmInfoCenter days), but his opinion is his own, for his own reasons. It may seem stupid to you, but makes perfect sense to him. His point has a certain bit of validity, even though I don't really agree with it.

Sheesh, he wasn't even really trolling, THIS time.

I like the 360 but i have this feeling that I'll end up with the LG G because of the price, I just think 360 will be expensive.

Yeah? Wait until the deluge of updates that Google puts out after releasing this cutting edge hardware/software combo and Motorola follows through (Moto X as the example) while you're standing by the wayside holding a 'dumb' LG watch sitting on beta firmware because you wanted to save 33% on the sticker price. You're logically, almost, better off not buying anything in this case.

Except that is pure speculation. Granted, Moto was quick to update the MotoX, but they have years of previous track record to the opposite. No guarantee they will keep up the brisk/timely update paradigm with this watch, or that LG will continue to delay updates indefinitely (though LG probably will, if I were to hazard a guess). Thing is either one needs to work well out of the box, even if no further updates were to be released, or it's not worth the buy.

It is speculation but based on some hard facts. Under Google, Motorola has changed but then you are correct it could go back to it's way under Lenovo. We just have to wait and 'watch'. Though, if Punit Soni leaves Motorola, then I'd be less inclined to recommend them to any consumer, he's the only visible reason for the success Motorola has had in improving their reputation over the last 9 months

Where's the option for both? I like them both for different reasons. The LG seems to be more of an everyday wear while the Moto 360 is much dressier. Then again I might just go with the Moto 360 and still pick up the Samsung Gear Fit just for working out.

LG has got to be kicking themselves for putting out such an unattractive design compared to the 360. I'm not going to wear a smart watch that isn't first and foremost a stylish watch. It's far too visible to let something ugly slide. The 360 certainly looks like it is the first smart watch that is a nice watch before it is anything else.

To understand why brands of mechanical watches are so sought after you have to understand why the watches are sought after. To do that you've got to look at people like Brian Ehrmantraut. Now 37, Ehrmantraut knew nothing about watches when his employer, Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Network Appliance, went public in 1995, and he suddenly found himself with lots of money. All he knew was that James Bond wore a Rolex Submariner, so Ehrmantraut bought one, too. That was just the beginning. Today he's a watch junkie with 80 fancy mechanical watches and counting. "I discovered that for the price of a Ferrari or two, I could put together a pretty good collection," says Ehrmantraut. His latest purchase is a handmade $69,000 Tourbillon by F.P. Journe, who makes only a few dozen watches a year. "It's an antidote to the technology I work with every day," says the semiretired techie. "These things are made by people sitting at benches, not computers. When you look at one of these things through a magnifying glass, you can see that a human being worked on it. It can never match a $50 Swatch, but I really like the futility of that--there's something noble and tragic about it." - Time Is Money - Joshua Levine, 09.18.00 – Forbes Magazine

Ironic how while we become so much more technologically advanced we yearn for the past. It happens with most things in life in addition to your example.

Kind of dumb but intelligent at the same time.

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The watches are sought after because of marketing and style.

There, I saved everyone from reading that long pile of bullshit with one short sentence.

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Mr. Ehrmantraut appears to have more money than common sense. Still, it's his to spend as he pleases, and if that pleases him, so be it, I guess. Personally, $69K on a watch is a waste. His example is certainly not a good representation of why people buy "classic" watches.

I'm still on the fence about smartwatches function wise, but that Moto 360 looks damn good. I know others are concerned about price, but in my mind they can set any price they need to as long as the battery life is great.

Look, let's face it...if you don't know already, Motorola does it better than LG. Motorola gets it. Their design (hardware and software). engineering, and creativity is leaps and bounds above LG. Motorola gets it. This Moto 360 is gorgeous. This is the 1st piece of tech in a LONG time that I have already decided on getting, done deal, sight unseen (outside of renders).

As far as looks, the issue I have with the LG (and the squarish prototype in the Android Wear promo), is that they just look like a big flat square on your wrist. Kind of appears clunky and not sleek. If its going to be a square/rectangle display, I at least like that the Gear is curved. But the 360 looks beautiful! To me, the fact that they are advertising it with a very sharp (presumably high resolution) normal watch face is brilliant. If you can have a vibrant watch face that people will admire on its own, and you get additional functionality out of the software/interface, that is what this is all about.

The 360 looks like something I would not be ashamed to wear to a formal event. Looks a little too fancy for the beach. On the other hand the G Watch appears to have the capability of displaying more and easily readable information. Like many said the battery life is my biggest deciding factor at this time.

I like that the 360 looks like a real watch not a 1980s calculator watch.

Granted it looks huge on some of the models arms so I want to see more before I commit.

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I'm curious as to why the Moto 360 is winning over the lion's share of consumer opinion. For me, it comes down to the LG likely being slightly cheaper, and the fact that I prefer the square face.

Most people don't want square watches. It makes it obvious it is a piece of tech rather than a watch. The G also hasn't shown anything in its limited images to distinguish itself from the half dozen or so other square smartwatches on the market. The 360 looks like something you could wear to a board meeting.

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Style and uncertainty. We've had one image of the G and it really didn't show much. It definitely looks plasticy for the body. The band looks like it could be plastic, rubber, or maybe even a plastic canvas strap. We don't know much about it, but from what we CAN see, it looks like it could have pretty cheap build quality. it honestly doesn't look any better than the Pebble.

For me, the Martian notifier is probably better value

I want a watch first and simple notifications second, keep my phone in my pocket
To choose from these two, it's the moto 360

Posted by my Nexus 7 (2013) or my i9300 (custom rom)

No question, the Moto 360. And after seeing the poll results, I think maybe LG needs to go back to the design board with this one and class it up. Or go all sporty with it.

I don't typically wear watches, or any sort of accessories, but I really like how the Moto 360 looks, and I will probably get one. I love my Moto X, and if the 360 has the same quality, it will be awesome.

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The Moto 360 looks much better, but I don't like watches period. Google's version of the smart watch is better than what we have seen so far, but I still don't see any point to it. Definitely doesn't entice me to start wearing a watch. It would have to do much more for me to do that. Now, if Google could slim down Glass so that I could wear it without looking like a dork I would definitely go for that. Better yet, build it into my head!

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Neither! I prefer my Pebble over all other smartwatches. I like a simple, non touchscreen interface. It gives me phone call and sms notifications, and I can control my music. That, is all I need or want in a smartwatch.

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How cool would it be if the watch doubled as a wireless charger & stand?

The rectangular one reminds me of the calculator watch I had as a young nerd... now that I'm an old nerd - I prefer the round one.

They seem like nice watches but I will skip on both because it appears that Android Wear OS is a dumbed down version of Android strictly a notification system similar to Galaxy Gear. I already have pre ordered the A.I Watch it will come with the full Android 4.4 KitKat experience and can be used as a companion watch or as a stand alone watch in case you want to leave your smart phone at home. Plus I have not heard if these watches support a camera like the A.I Watch does

That looks pretty nice, but the propriety app store means no Google services and would be a deal killer for me. Certain aspects of their marketing seem shady too.

Why can't these smart watches use solar power instead of an actual battery? My last watch was a G Shock and it lasted 20 years and it was solar.

Of the options so far the looks go to Moto. My only issue is why can't we get something that has the look of a g-shock or suunto. Something that if I could actually wear when I am doing something. I am not asking for diver level stuff, just something that looks like it can take some everyday wear. I guess I want more of a fitness band without the fitness. Hopes that the Razer one pans out.

I'm a realist. The Moto watch will be too expensive. I like it more but I doubt it will be cost effective enough. If it is, it becomes a no brainer!

Would love the 360. WOuld like i guess, a DEFINITE 1 day of out it. 2 would be nice. I guess I wouldn't mind charging it, i charge my phone every night. But going longer between charges would be better, of course.

How much battery life would be acceptable for you guys?

*Old Spice man voice*

Look at the Moto 360. Then look at the G Watch. Look back at the Moto 360. Then look back at the G Watch while keeping your peripheral on the Moto 360.

Of course the 360 wins out every time.

Will any of these new watches fit a woman's wrist and not look gigantic and ridiculous? I have small wrists and none of these look woman friendly. :-(

The video shows a glimpse of what looks to be a 360 on an asian woman's wrist and it didn't look overly huge.

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I have the same problem with smartwatches, they all seem to be designed for men. I did notice in Google's video as well as the LG video that they have women wearing the watches, so hopefully they will be more women friendly. I am more hopeful with Fossil in the mix that there will be more choice for us soon.

This isn't even a fair fight. Moto by a mile. Incredible design and hopefully the software lives up to the hardware.

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Casio have planned to discontinue the waveceptor radio controlled range in favour for Bluetooth....

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On looks alone the Moto 360 wins hands down. But I'm also counting on recent Motorola successes with the Moto X and Moto G -- hardware and software -- to carry over to the 360.

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If these are priced around $150 and the Moto 360 isn't the size of those Jacob watches from a few years ago I'll get both.

Phil, how about "skipping first wave and waiting for next year."? I would rather let them get the kinks out than be an early adopter at this point.

The 360 looks a lot better. I never wear a watch so my shelling out money for either one would depend on it having some functionality which I was interested in. At this point I'm more likely to buy something like the Samsung Gear Fit or even a Fitbit.

I just wish it had traditional lugs so we could change out straps or put it on a NATO! I'd buy that without thinking about it!
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I'm loving the design and style of the 360 and can't wait to show it off.
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Also has the looks of a middle end watch. I wouldn't have a problem paying a higher price. 3-700$ range but I hope it ends up on the lower end of that scale.

Cheaper price and ugly product vs. Higher price and stylish product. Timex vs. Fossil. Cheaper devices will always have a market but style always costs a little more.

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The thing that has kept me from getting excited about the prospect of smart watches or any wearable for that matter is the sheer ugliness of all the offerings I have seen so far. The moto 360 looks like an improvement, but I'm hoping this collaboration with Fossil is a sign of things to come. As an early adopter of many technologies, I have long forsaken wearing holsters and leaving my phone on the table for all to see. I'd rather my tech integrate more gracefully into my life.

The LG G Watch is nice and understated. But, put it next to the Moto 360, the Motorola easily beats it on the style department. The only way the G Watch can compete head-to-head is it has way more functionalities than the 360. Price will be key on both smartwatches.

Moto 360 with a metal band if I were to ever wear a watch (which I don't). To me right now it's a lot less of which is "worthy" and more of which of them doesn't look completely awful, so as far as I'm concerned, it's a one horse race with the M360 being the horse.

I like the Moto. The styling is classic and can be worn to a business meeting with a suit. I for one just don't want a blocky square big thing on my arm. I have a Droid maxx for a big blocky thing

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I don't understand why people want to wear a watch? Or have a secondary interface to their already mobile device.

Why if I got an email, would I want to get a notification on my wrist. Am I really going to read the email on my watch? Or even a text...why not just look at your phone?

Not trying to bash...just don't understand and always thought these wearables were a solution looking for a problem.

Are you thinking like this guy?

"The Moto 360 is the best looking smart watch to date, I'll give you that, but still not a compelling reason enough for me to jump into what I otherwise consider a redundant device category. If there comes a day that taking my phone out of my pocket becomes so difficult that I require a redundant screen on my wrist, I'll go out and buy a segway to drive me from my door to my car"

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I'd be happy if the whole thing were in the watch - phone and everything, or the phone didn't have a screen but used the watch as it's screen. Most of what I do on my phone is texts, calls, some looking up info on the web, and the occasional Facebook lurking. For anything more, I have a tablet or a laptop. this would reduce a lot of bulk of carrying a phone but leave you with the smartest features of a smart phone. Imagine a phone what was little more in size but a belt clip, or integrated into your wallet, with your watch as the user interface, and a bluetooth headset. It wouldn't be for everyone, but there are distinct advantages for some people.

Love the look of the 360, but I really need to see more about both of them. I expect the LG will have comparable Google Now integration, and if so, then it will probably come down to features more than just the look for me. Google Now is the killer app I've been waiting for before jumping into the smartwatch arena, but I really hope for a camera option on one of these lines. The number of times I miss photo ops with my grandkids even though I have a smartphone in arms' reach drives me nuts. (It's probably because I *have* a camera so close but can't quite get to it in time that it bugs me so much.)

This whole smart watch thing just got more interesting with this announcement. I still don't think it will tempt me to move away from wearing one of the multiple Seiko's I have.

I'll end up getting them both starting with the Moto whether it comes first or not. That's just a sexy watch...

What if HTC gets in the game soon with a watch that has boom sound speakers? Dick Tracy that bitch for real son!

As someone who's not worn a watch in 20 years and who is "on the fence" about getting one, tell me in your own words why i should get one?

Is it more of a need or more of a want?

Diggin both of them honestly, it makes my pebble look like...well a pebble.

These watches actually look like watches, but the moto360 is just insanely sleek and beautiful.

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I think the Moto 360 looks great but there is a part of me that likes that the G Watch looks like a smart watch. If that makes sense. I think it'll really come down to price for me and probably for a lot of people to be honest.

$10 Casio F91-W here.

I'd like to see something close to my price range, please. I'd probably spend the extra if that LG model is priced around $25.

Also, I can't easily read the time on the Moto 360 in analogue, so its round screen is simply wasteful. Analogue timepieces used to be useful - I read about it in History at school - but anyone born from the 1980s onwards has only needed digital representations. I can work out an analogue clock given some time (ironically), but it's got the same place in my life as the Latin I learned at school.

So: G for young people, 360 for coffin-dodgers.

If it takes you that long to figure out how to read an analog watch, I think any smartwatch is going to outwit you...

You should see how long it takes me to start a fire! It was easy and necessary for people hundreds of years ago, but takes me a long time, because it's a worthless skill today. We've moved past it.

On the other hand, I grew up with digital devices. I can customise my smartphone to the nth degree; develop web pages and program; put together a PC in minutes (although nerdgasm over what I put in it for hours, naturally); feed a tamagotchi; and perform plenty of other modern activities.

Analogue watches are a relic, granddad. An inefficient affectation.

(Unless you live in a third-world country where digital watches and other digital technology have yet to become widespread, in which case I can see your point)