LG G Watch R or Moto 360

Now that we've got not one but two round Android Wear smartwatches in play — that'd be the Moto 360 and the recently-teased LG G Watch R, it's understandable if you're suddenly having second thoughts about where your loyalties lie.

Of course, we've yet to actually see the LG G Watch R (and that name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, if in fact it's the official moniker), or strap one on. The Moto 360, however? Been there, done that, badly wanting the final product. (Which we should see in just another week or so.)

But it's not too early to make uninformed decisions. And so we ask you: Is the prospect of the LG G Watch R starting to sway you Moto 360 faithful?

We'll be live from LG's event at IFA next week in Berlin for the full scoop. Stay tuned.


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Poll: LG G Watch R or the Moto 360?


Well this poll is way too early. We know stuff on the 360 from leaks but know nothing NOTHING about this LG G Watch R. as they would say in the podcast nothing is official until it's announced. Surprised they would put up a poll like this from one YouTube video that is still listed privately.

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Moto 360, but I'm getting tired of waiting.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Quote "I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser."

So I'm not the only one? Lol

I hope Moto 360 has a special 'Something else' about because after all this wait the public they become wary as do I

I want a 360 to be available and I want it to be now (so I can decide whether to bother or not)

Watches, timepieces, are functional jewelry. As such, there is a market for thousands of styles, most of which are round.

I have no interest in paying a premium to participate as a proof of concept alpha tester. Because of accelerating evolution of technology there should be many affordable, desirable, and attractive choices during the Holiday 2015 season.

LG looks like a 1985 Seiko, and that bezel could be the watch face LWP on the screen itself, which makes it look like a seiko, could just be a round screen.

That depends... if they are using the space to cram in a custom shaped battery, it may be worth it (though, if it adds too much weight, maybe not).

That's what I was wondering. It looks like they may be able to fit a long rectangular battery in that going from top to bottom. But taking in account just the screen real estate, there does seem to be a lot of wasted space that is not doing anything.

Booted it a few hours ago for an A6 flash.

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I'm still going Moto for one simple reason. Moto has demonstrated impressive efforts to update their devices over the past couple years. Consequently, I trust them more than LG to keep their devices up to date.

Except in this case if Android Wear, Motorola doesn't have to update. That's Google's job now unlike Android phones.

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They aren't allowed to customize (skin) Android Ware. That's why Samsung has their feet in both ponds (Android Ware and their Tizen stuff). They Don't want to be left out if Android Ware skyrockets in popularity, but want the freedom to do their own thing.

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Yes, with Tizen they'll have the freedom to ugly up the UI with impunity. No more fighting the OS to make it look and perform like it's 2006.

I miss the option #5: I think that any watch you need to charge in a matter of days (or hours) is a ridiculous idea!

This is what makes me want the Pebble. But I'm still just wearing regular watches for now.

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LOL, after owning 2 of the Gear watches, I think it ridiculous to wear a watch that just tells time.

I personally would like to see regular watch makers enter this mix and really come up with something out of their wheelhouse that adds watch maker sophistication, with all the smartwatch features we are now seeing from the tech companies wheelhouse.

Open your closed mind a bit.

I own a $400 Esquire collecting dust, a very attractive blue hued watch with chronometer, but it doesn't do the extras I've been enjoying from the 2 smartwatches i've owned.

If they don't use Android Wear its most likely they will be DOA. Unless they boggle the mind with their design!

Oh c'mon I charge my phone every day before hitting the bed, putting my watch on a charging craddle is not an issue for me :-)


That is why everyone needs to get on qi for everything, standard. Come home, get ready for bed, put the phone on the charging pad, put the watch on the pad.... Done

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If I forget to charge my phone, I can do it at work or in the car but if I forget to charge my watch, I'm SOL. Wall chargers for phones are everywhere. Wall chargers for watches vary wildly and are far less available.

I've used my Fitbit and Gear Fit as silent alarm vibrating watches. The wife loves not having some blaring alarm waking me (and then her) up when she doesn't have to get up until 2 hours after me.

I agree totally ... my watch is my silent alarm to keep the wife happy when I get up for bike rides at 4-30am ... pebble works great as charge once per week

+1, EXACTLY!!! What's the difference if you put your phone on a Charger and placing your 360 on the Qi charging mat? Is that REALLY even considered "charging" when you just have to set the watch down on your night stand on a mat?!?

Well, not everyone gets to go home every night, so if you forget the charger... oops, I have a useless wristband by the end of the night. Lets hope it was only a one night thing.

Smartphones are almost just as bad. The only device that you have to make an emergency phone call with can't last much longer than 24 hours, IF THAT! I love my smartphone, but if I ever get stranded in the middle of nowhere for more than a day, at least I'll have a nice paperweight until help finds me.

well actually the advantage to the moto 360 with the Qi charger is the fact that you can use any Qi charger so it would be very simple if you bring a power cord for your cell phone you be able to very easily have the charger for your moto 360, plus the fact that the 360 had an ambient light sensor which should help with power consumption... and that it uses Bluetooth low energy, , not to mention the fact that if you have a galaxy s5 and you have 10% battery life on a phone and your away from home with no charger you can turn on the battery power saving mode and you can get 24 more hours of cell phone use, text messaging, etc. just by having the moto 360, really charging shouldn't be an issue for general use. I'm just saying that there are options.

Need to confirm LG design but in any case it looks kinda "retro" while Moto is contemporary.
I'm sure both will find buyers

I'm more open to the G Watch R now that there are more round screens coming for Wear. Motorola killed their own buzz by taking too long.

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I like the look of the Moto 360 more, but LG's perfectly round screen (at least in the renders) is pretty nice. Feels like the 360's screen might start bugging me at some point.

Otherwise it comes down to other details like battery life and price.

I agree. As soon as more round watches with full displays hit the market, the 360 will look very first gen and dated. This exorbitant delay is going to really cost them.

Was all in on the 360 as it was the best I'd seen...until now. The LG looks like 'a watch.' The 360 still looks are better than any of the other offerings to date but there is still an element of 'round mini smartphone.' Maybe I'm just a bit of a traditionalist but I prefer my smartwatch to look like a watch first with the smart functionality secondary--and that damn black strip on the bottom isn't helping. My favorite so far is the upcoming Kairos watches but they are far more expensive. At this price point I voted for the LG.

Lol I can see who don't like watches or normally wear them. I like the natural look of the LG watch. Definitely more traditional look. That round bezel does not bother me at all as it looks like my collection of watches. And if it kills that sensor zone the 360 has, I may very well look more into this over the 360.

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Huh, making a poll about buying a watch (or 2 of them) that didn't even hit the market yet ;-) These are funny times we live in ;-)

Urban Dictionary says --Vaporware is Software that has been delayed so long that it will never be released.

Half life 3

That's also a bad definition as it is overly specific.

Vaporware is a product that is teased forever, but never launched. Half Life 3 isn't technically vaporware, as it has never been announced by Valve (did I miss a teaser somewhere?). That's like calling Halo 5 vaporware, because Microsoft hasn't gotten it to market yet but we still know it's coming.


Vaporware or vapourware (see spelling differences) is a term in the computer industry that describes a product, typically computer hardware or software, that is announced to the general public but is never actually released nor officially cancelled.

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I think I'll wait for the LG to actually be announced to say anything for sure, however if the LG can get a full 360 degree image and the Moto 360 still has that black bar at the bottom I'm going to have to go with the LG

There's room in my watch box for both ... Not many watch wearers only have one watch. Why should smartwatch wearers have to choose?

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Most watches that watch wearers wear last decades. If anyone is using ANY of the smart watches released this year ten years from now I will be stunned.

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I just hope the Moto 360 knocks it out of the park. I have a G watch and after the initial few weeks of use, I went back to my pebble steel as my daily driver. The g watch just isn't that attractive looking and honestly, android wear in it's infancy became quite a hassle to use in everyday situations. More so when driving. The interface on Pebble is a bit easier to navigate in the times you can't spend much attention fiddling with it. I will be buying a 360 when it comes out to put to the test and from the looks of it, should at least be more attractive than the G watch.

Waiting, but not to choose between the 360 and LG, but rather the 360 and the Asus. Refuse to spend that kind of money on an LG, been burned too many times in the past with their products.

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It's a new LG over the last year or so but I hear ya.

I just want to see the price points. I would rather spend 99$ on a half assed Asus to see if I get significant use out of a smartwatch vs 250$ to find out that I don't.

Did the same with tablets...

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I think moto waited to long to release their watch. But Idk. Maybe they had to work some kinks or production problems out.

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Looks-wise, it's LG FTW. And I guess you LG bashers don't like the Nexus 5.
That said, I'm waiting till the next gen...

Am I the only one looking forward to what HTC brings to the table? If it's got the same design ethos as the M7 I think it will be a winner!

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I have the Oneplus One. I just wasn't a fan of the front facing speakers on the M7, made the bottom area much too large for me. Not as important, but I also didn't like the lines that run across the back, seemed a bit tacky. Although I have to admit the quality of the M7 (and M8) is really great.

Fair enough. Personally I love the front facing speakers and I use them a lot while working in the garage or doing whatever. I like where HTC's head is at design-wise and I think they put out a quality product, my only real concern would be battery life...not their strongest suit (I'm looking at you Rezound)

Off-topic--Is the scrolling really laggy on the mobile site with chrome? I'm guessing it is the site. I browsed the comments for a similar article on the verge without issue.
-Moto-x with fresh factory reset.

I've waited long enough for the 360. I hemmed and hawed and never jumped at a pebble. Even when the steel was announced I said I'd wait to see what Google would do. I finally did. I decided I'd wait for the round display. I've been waiting for literally years now on the smart watch fence. Time to get off. When the 360 comes out I'll pick it up. If LG's round watch somehow drops first fine that... But really I am fairly settled on the 360.

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I actually like LG . The UI is snappy on most all devices I have tried especially vs touchfiz... So I have faith in them, meaning I would buy the product . Not to.say the Moto isn't better.

The 360 isn't actually round, theres a little "cut out" at the bottom of the display due to the circuitry. Personally, a square display would be more functional. But a round display could be disguised as a regular watch..

Lol fickle consumers. All the hoopla around the 360 then something else comes along and people bolt. Consumerism is interesting to me.

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I'm not getting a smart watch any time soon. But the LG R thing looks like a real watch. Everybody talking about bezels etc go look in a watch display, that is what a real watch looks like. The 360 looks like a small hockey puck on a big rubber band!

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LG is already second generation, and Motorola hasn't even released their first android wear product. Good luck Motorola. It's beginning to sound like too little too late. The 360 should have been released months ago.

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too bad Motorola failed to make it a perfect circle with that flat thing at the bottom. Hard to vote for any when you don't know what they are capable of. As for picture against the LG' art, I find LG's more attractive. Mainly because of the perfect circle thing.
By the by, nicely made teaser.

It's all about options and taste! It's always good to have choices! I'll wait to see and play with each!

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going to wait for more info on the new LG watch but might still get the Moto 360 (with the LG watch, if it is a "full circle" than it might not have an ambient light sensor)

I want the Ambient light sensor, I think that will make the difference with battery more than anything else.

I was initially eager to get the moto 360, but all that excitement is now cold as ice. Motorola might have missed a great opportunity by not releasing their watch early

Android wear is a must and if LG delivers that then why not? People talk bezels but in the video the LG seems to have a thin bezel.

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Remember Moto 360 had perfect round in teaser video with rendered display and later shows up with sensor part in real product. Gonna wait for real product of G watch R then only can decide.

I think the Motorola 360 will be the better choice because the Motorola X had a beautiful brought display, everyone I have seen or talked to have said that the LG G Watch is WAY TOO DIM to be used outdoors, and the same was said about the G3, so unless they change their display tech then the Motto 360 will be the only viable option for me. ..

LG releasing a round smartwatch just feels like they are just trying to piggyback off the success of the 360 to try and generate the same hype

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The 360 has had no success. They have not sold one of them yet (it is not yet for sale).

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Too early.. Need a better look at the LG one to properly judge them against each other..

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I'm going with the grey Moto 360 for now at least. The one pictured above doesn't look better than LG's render.

All that material above and below the outermost circle on the LG is not appealing to me. I'd much rather deal with the 360's dead display bottom. Also, either the R's display will be significantly smaller than the 360's (bad imo) or the whole watch will be waaay too big if its display is anywhere near as big. As always it would be best to compare both with reviews of consumer released hardware... but short of that I'm still sticking with 360. I'm glad there will be competition of some sort.

No black bar on the LG watch, huh? I TOLD you it could be done. And even if it is there somewhere else... Ah ... Symmetry at its best!

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Depends on price. Can't spend $250 on a device that will have the hell beat out of it. It's on your wrist, it will hit things, scrap things and probably end up broken.

The 360 looks like a hockey puck slapped on your wrist with a band taped in the back. It has that annoying dead space in the bottom. The G Watch R looks like a diver's watch, and I can use my preferred bracelet with it. It has a full circle display, better resolution than the 360. I will wait for the G Watch R to be released here in the states