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The first couple of Android Wear smartwatches — the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live — are only getting about a day of usage off a single charge. That's not completely unexpected given that they're (mostly) full-fledged Android devices, with full-color displays. But it's still something we've had to learn to live with.

Right or wrong, expectations continue to mount for the Moto 360. Some believe it'll have better batter life. Some don't care, given that it's supposed to have Qi charging built in. And nothing changes the fact that technical details — to say nothing of pricing and availability — remain a bit of a mystery.

And so we put it to you. If you're waiting on the Moto 360, would a mere day of battery life be a deal-breaker for you?

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Poll: If the Moto 360 only has one day of battery life, will you still get it?


Agreed. I wouldn't expect more than 1 day of battery life for this or any smartwatch. I would also expect that like with cell phones, the amount of battery life will decrease over time, which is why I have no plans to buy one of these yet. My guess is that by 6 months of everyday use, that these watches get about 8 hours of battery life. Which means that if you are out all day, then no more ability to look at your wrist for the time. Whoever incorporates kinetic energy charging first will get my business.

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Wow, hadn't thought about that. You're right, batteries do lose their charge over time. Hummmm... Well, Moto said they'll have a novel way of charging this thing, let's hope kinetic is in there or solar at least. I know the awful blemish at the bottom of the otherwise perfect watchface can easily hold a small solar panel.

Spookdroid you need to research before you comment on things. The black bar at the bottom of the face watch has to be there it's where the drivers are. If the black bar wasn't there the watch wouldn't work. It's not a "blemish"

Blemish = A small mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something. APPEARANCE. TO ME, that black bar is a blemish, even if a functional one. I know that black bar holds the drivers and light sensors, that's why I said you could fit a small (OK, tiny!) solar panel in there. I just don't like the way it LOOKS, ergo, I call it a blemish.

I'm not insulting anyone but your original posts has been answered so many times over the last few months it's just getting ridiculous to worry about the black bar at the bottom of the most awesome watch thus far.

I didn't mean you were insulting, that was for atuarre (unless 'true idiot' means something nice in another language). And yes, I know I've posted this before and I WILL continue to post this about the Moto360 to anyone willing to read it because TO ME, that black bar is just very ugly and noticeable! I don't say this can't be an awesome watch, I am, after all, still waiting for the darn thing to come out and actually try it to make a decision, but just as people thought the camera bump on the Samsung Gear was awful, I think this black bar is something ugly. You might disagree just as people thought otherwise for the Gear. It's all about personal preferences and therein lies the reason we have different manufacturers trying out different approaches to an otherwise identical (in function) product.

Okay I see. I agree most the smart watches that have come out so have been ugly. The Samsung watch with the ugly camera bump was ugly and I couldn't look past it since a smart watch does not need a camera it's stupid to have a camera on a watch but the black bar needs to be there, therefore, I can absolutely look past it.

That's great, but your calculator requires much much less energy than a smartwatch and also, how big is the solar panel on your calculator?

What point were you trying to make, exactly?

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Lmao, exactly what I thought while reading that... some people are just stupid and don't know how to think before posting ridiculous, nonsensical rebuttals.

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Kinetic charging is what I've been thinking about all along. With Motorola talking about their "secret" charging method and given the thickness of the 360 I was hopeful that it would have Kinetic charging similar to some of the Seiko watches that have been on the market for years. It doesn't even have to fully charge the battery, just enough to supplement it to make sure it lasts through the day.

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Kinetic and solar would add an insignificant amount of battery life compared to the space either element would take up inside the watch (robbing it of more actual battery capacity in the process). Neither tech is anywhere near the efficiency required to even make a dent in total battery life.

Yeah, but wouldn't it be cool if Moto came out and say: Guess what? We cracked it, it's working, and it gives you an extra two hours of battery life in the same package. THAT alone would be something. But we can always dream :)

There you go. Positive thinking. There are a lot of folks here saying why solar or kinetic charging in a smartwatch cannot be done. Come on people. Think positive! A few years back I am sure people never thought a smartwatch possible. And now we have them. It's called innovation! My glass is half full!

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Ha. The new iWatch will have it. It will come with a pic of Steve Jobs with no shirt on for "rapid charge" mode.

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Hahaha. But actually it will not. Apple has decided that you don't use your watch for more than 8 hours at a time and will not include a bigger battery. Charging will need the new iNductive port and sync to iTunes before you can see the time.

I decided to buy the G Watch yesterday after there being no indication of the Moto 360 being released even in the US, never mind the UK. And I also need a price. This is concerning me, but 8 hours is good enough for me anyway. I can give it a quick charge when I get back home and a charge at night.

it depends on how much the watch heats up. if the watch never really gets hot... then the battery will last for quite a while. there is a thing in the verge forums. guy met a guy on the chicago train or what not. the guy said he had had it for less than a week, but thought the battery life was very good. i think 'barely had to charge it' was his words.

Well guess what... you wont get a year charge. :-P
Smartwatches are like your phone... it can go more than a day but you are going to charge it every night, so who really cares???

I do believe I'll have access to my charger at least once a day. I really don't understand how this is an issue.

Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurs, just like me.

It's an issue to some of us because we use our existing smart watches as alarms. You don't know what your missing until you use an alarm that vibrates on your wrist and wakes you without waking the person next to you in bed.
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The way I see it is this:

The watch is supposed to be on my wrist making it easier for me to do...something. Any time it spends off of my wrist, like time spent charging, is the time where I wonder why I spent the money on it. If it can go morning to night and only have to be charged when I'm sleeping and not doing...something...with it, that is fine. The key will to be to make sure that the battery consistently stays at that level and doesn't start degrading to less than a day before I feel I've recouped my investment in its usefulness.

With the "tiny" batteries on these watches, I would expect that they can charge pretty quickly, assuming you have a good power source. My Note 3 can charge from 15% to 75% in the 45 minutes it takes me to drive home from work, with my 2.1 amp charger. Now, consider that the Note 3 has a battery almost 10 *times* larger than these watches.

Anyone out there able to provide first-hand experience with how long it takes the Gear Live or GWatch to "fully" recharge?

What kind of power source is that using? Is it a "wall wart" or USB port on a PC? If it's a wall wart, what's the amperage rating?

How quickly you can charge a battery is directly related the capacity of the battery. That means you can charge a big battery just as quickly as a small battery, just so long as you have a suitable power supply and the charging circuit can handle it.

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My phone gets charged each night. Not sure why it would be a hardship to throw my watch on the Qi to charge next to my phone.

I think most people are used to charging devices every night by now, right? I'd still buy it if battery life were only a single day. I'd prefer longer life just so I could use it as a sleep monitor as well.

Not planning on getting one at this time due to cost vs usefulness for me personally. But one day is fine. Charge overnight next to my phone, I see nothing wrong with that. More is better, and an absolute necessity that it goes a full day even with heavy usage.

Add me to the list of folks who take theirs off for bed, so resting it on a cradle to charge on the nightstand is no problem at all for me.

Yep I would. As pointed out above you don't need to wear it when you sleep. But a day is 24hours for me, so when you pull an all nighter (for work or pleasure) occasionaly you don't have to charge your watch while on the go... (if dancing charges your watch that would also be a solution of course ;-))) )

The title of the article asks the question differently than the one just before the poll buttons. I think you may be getting people answering Yes, when they meant No and vice versa. Hopefully people are reading through the article completely.

EDIT: Thanks for fixing.

I mean, obviously, 1 day isn't "ideal" depending on the definition of one day (24 hours, 12 hours, 10 hours) BUT it's also the first generation of these watches. I'm sure as the technology is improved upon, the battery life will improve as well as functionality - just like phones

Yes, as long as it supports wireless charging, cause that's what I do with my regular watch everyday: take it off the wrist and put it in the box ;)

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I wonder how many people put the wrong answer because the question at the end of the article and the question in the poll are opposites.

No way. I would rather get a Tizen Gear Watch than have only one day of battery life on a 360. Even if the design is superb.

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one day battery life would be a deal breaker for me, but based off some of the stuff we've been hearing it should have more than one day battery life

Battery life is only one problem. If the display is unreadable in sunlight, then I wouldn't buy it anyway. As soon as an Android Wear watch is available with outdoor readability, I would toss my Pebble Steel and buy one.

No! Not unless it has kinetic charging to compensate for those times when I can't put it on a charger. That and the huge ginormious bezel has got to go.

The bezel is about a sixth of an inch at most. If you consider that "huge ginormious", you're setting a lot of women up for disappointment.

Of course I'd still get it! Exponentially high battery life is one of the last things I'd worry about. Given the fact that I charge my phone every night, why not a smartwatch? I'm more concerned about pricing and a convenient Qi charging solution.

The price must match the battery life then. Still I feel that the Moto 360 is the best looking and probably highest quality smart watch so...Yes. Like my phone everyone probably has a way to charge their phone while sleeping.

If "one day" means from 6AM to midnight, then yes.
If it means from 6AM to 8PM then I will have to think hard.

Thing is, I'd take if off every night before going to bed anyway so I would be placing it on a charging pad or table regardless

That's what we should expect with current battery tech. My concern is it won't last more than a day.

I've got the G watch and for what it does, I'm not surprised that the watch just has a day of useful battery life. I get up around 6:00 am and it lasts all the way until just past midnight. The useful features are without a doubt worth the trade off in terms of battery life. I use the always on screen feature by the way.

And...what exactly were you wanting one to do? I use one daily, and get several uses out of it.

I totally get why a person wouldn't find smartwatches useful to them, but the need to call things "stupid" (among other things) just because YOU don't like/have a use for them? Why?

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I don't see what the issue is. Most of us have to charge our phones over night also. So just charge them both at the same time

I voted no but I think it depends on the definitions of a day and of normal usage. My concern is there will be days I want to use it for things like navigation when I'm walking around a city and need to get from a train station to a client site. If doing that kills it off before I can even get home, then yes, that is a deal break for me. If normal usage includes things like nav and controlling music etc and it can pull at least 16 hours, then I can probably make it work.

Interesting note from someone about using it as a sleep tracker. That would be great, but I'm not sure if that functionality will be there and that would make charging it a little difficult.

Navigation doesn't hurt battery life much at all. The phone is doing all the heavy lifting (gps), Google Maps is just sending notifications to the watch when it's time to turn. No worse than getting a few text messages.

The watches I own now go back into my watch box at the end of the day. Charging the watch at the end of the day would be the equivalent. I can live with that.

Nope. Until three, or *maybe* two days is standard, I'm sticking with the Pebble. I don't want to have to carry a separate wireless charger with me, and I often like to sleep with my watch on while I'm at home, since the silent alarm comes in very handy on days when I have to wake up earlier than my girlfriend.

I am so used to the paradigm of charging my all of my devices at night I would not feel encumbered. Don't get me wrong, I feel by now we should have power technology to the point where this is not necessary but the question was "would I let a mandatory daily charge stop me from getting it".

definitely... why would you need more then one day? I charge every device i have every night... i don't wear my watch at home... and with Qi Charging you can just place it on your device stand (i have one) and your good to go... you can even make a DIY nightstand Qi charging station if you wish...

Opposite for me. I wouldn't wear it in the evening because I'm home relaxing and don't mind using the phone but I would want to use it while sleeping so it could wake me in the morning with a silent vibrating alarm.

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i had a galaxy gear with my note 3 and i never wore it at home... i either have my phone close by or just not be bothered by notifications cause i'm spending time with my family..

Hell No. I am not buying something that has the same battery life or less as my phone, regardless of looks.

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My original Galaxy Gear gets close to 2 days on a single charge {haven't updated to Tizen yet}. It will charge from dead to full charge in less than 2 hours so battery life shouldn't be a factor with the ALMIGHTY BEST SMART WATCH EVER MADE TO DATE MOTO 360.... or so it's been cracked up to be.

The watches I wear are thin and so comfortable I forget I'm wearing them. I only remove my watch when showering, swimming, or sunning.

I have no desire for the thick watch style. For me, thick and large watches are bothersome, uncomfortable, easily scratched, annoying, and garish.

Two things:
First: If it was rated for one day at the start then that probably means after a year or two it will be getting less than that.

Secondly: I would prefer a 2 1/2 day battery in case I forgot to put it on a charger one night but if it had Qi a little over day capacity would be a lot more palatable.

Its Motorola they're known for small amazing batteries I don't think we've got anything to worry about

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To: Motorola dick-riders
I love the face of the watch and that it doesn't look like a smart watch but what is the sense of having this if it can't go over a day on a charge? I guess I'm spoiled by the Pebble but the Gear 2 gets 2-3 days battery.

Calling fans of the 360 dickriders isn't gonna help your point. Most people who want the 360 don't even have a Motorola phone.

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Not sure what place the vulgarity has in this discussion. Your salutation does little to lend any credibility to your comment. As far as your opinion on the issue in question, battery life, you're entitled to yours like everyone else is. But I really don't know why you were taking a dig at "fanboys" when there really hasn't been any Motorola fanboy-ism anywhere in this thread. It's just a bunch of people who see a design they like and are excited for. If there were a hundred "Motorola FTW!" and "Motorola > All Else" posts (not unlike we see with some Samsung fanatics), then I'd sort-of understand the dig. Regardless, "dick-riders" was just unnecessary and really doesn't need to have a place on this opinion of course.

If it delivers a premium device with good performance, then 1 day battery life is fine! I'm not expecting insane battery life anyway. I just want a high quality watch at a reasonable price!

Typed on tiny keys just for you

Once Android Wear has more functionality and works reliably, I'll get another watch. The LG G Watch I had refused to be patient with me. I had to speak as fast as I could and pre-plan every command. If I stopped for even half a second, it would try to act based on whatever it had picked up before I paused between words. One time I told the watch to send a message to my wife: "I'm on my way home earlier than I expected [comma] see you soon!"

The LG G Watch sent this message instead: "Kama" - my wife was a bit confused.

I voted Yes, I'm still excited for the Moto 360, but not as excited as I was last week... And last week I was not as excited as the week before. At the time of the LG and Samsung watches release, I would have bought a Moto 360 for up to to $300 even if I couldn't really "afford" it. But as each day passes with little to no new info on pricing or release, my top dollar I'll pay is reducing. The reviews on the other Android Wears, good, bad or indifferent, all talk about the limitations of Android Wear as a whole. If Moto does plan on charging a premium for just an almost round screen, they could have gotten a lot of early adopters to shell it out. I know there are still plenty of people who will pay the premium for the screen, I'm one of them, but I'd now I would budget for it instead of making a splurge purchase of it and think that the "up to" $300 price mark is closer to $280.

I have the Gear Live right now and I don't know...taking the watch off at night and throwing it on charge, um, isn't really a big deal. It takes like 7 seconds. i don't get why throwing the thing on charge at night is such a big issue for most people.

Yes, as long as it's a real day and not some 8 hour work day or a day of limited use, etc. I want to wake up in the morning and use it all day and at the end of the night, I'd want 20% left as a cushion in case I went out. Basically I don't want to have to charge it during the day at all.

I wouldn't buy it if it had infinite battery life. And was free. The marginal extra utility just doesn't seem worth the hassle of having something strapped to my wrist all the time.

But I recognize that my tastes are not universal.

it depends on the price as well. short battery but premium look is not enough to justify twice the price of others

I use vibration alarms on my smart watch, so charging while sleeping is not an option. I need at least a few days battery life. Barring that, it better be fully charged in under an hour.

Seriously, why can't they invent an extra battery embedded into the watchband. It would be a little bulky, but so are those battery covers for phones.

Actually, I think the battery on the toq is in the strap only. The face of the watch doesn't have a battery. I would like a battery in both, doubling the original capacity. Make it an option/accessory. Buy a regular band or one that has an additional battery.

The toq actually has the battery in the clasp itself, but lets not be picky (I have the watch on my wrist as I type this) The issue is there no way to make a replaceable watch strap with a battery in it. Replaceable watch straps pivot around the push pin that hold it to the case. how would you connect the battery wires to the case where it needs to hook up? the Toq features none replaceable straps that are built into the actual case and the wires run directly thru the center of the straps into the circuit board. You have a good idea, unfortunately the technology doesn't exist in the current form.. Yet.

It's funny how everyone says "oh yeah 1 day is fine!!" when it's a Moto smartwatch. But when it's a Samsung watch everyone thinks 1 day isn't enough. Hahahaha. I love it. I'm too used to my Fitbit Flex. I charge it maybe twice a week. I like that. Probably gonna go with a Pebble.

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So it would be much better if it had an extreme powersaving type function for those long weekends away, or camping trips etc. Where it would just show the clock face for 7 days or something, similar to the Samsung S5 functionality.

its fine to say i charge it every night, but what about when you're on vacation, taking the QI charger everywhere assumes you've got power to plug in.

Android wear watches do have an "Airplane mode"... I wonder what the battery life would be like if you put one in airplane mode and silent mode (so that it wouldn't get brighter when tilted).

Overnight at a friend's house? Too bad your watch is dead. I expect two days battery life minimum.

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I simply don't understant the deal with wireless charging. Except for the possibility of making the watch waterproof IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY ADVANTAGES OVER COMMON CABLES!

if you have used wireless charging you will see how convenient it is. I use a wireless charger at work for my phone as I will just set it on their while I am at my desk and pick it up when I walk off. It good for quick little charges. NOt as nice for over night charging and for that yeah I call it over kill.

Still doesn't change anything, the only difference is not using a micro-usb but wireless chargers still have cables to connect to outlets and are less efficient. That would absolutely not help the Moto 360 if its battery is bad.

20 hours minimum. I don't mind charging at night, but I don't want to be seeing a low battery mark EVER during the day. If by 'day' you mean 24hrs than sure. But if I see red by 9pm then that's no good.

While I'm used to charging devices nightly, there are times when I push my devices to the limit. For instance, I have late night parties with my youth group. I can't have my watch dying on me at midnight!

Until battery life is at least close to the Pebble, I'll be sticking with my Pebble.

I basically put my pebble on the charger every night whether it needs it or not so yes, I would be fine with one day use on the 360... But it better last that one day at maximum use because I am definitely a power user

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24 hours of use is OK with me. i don't need to tell time in my sleep and there's no reason not to plug your watch in over night..

For me it would need say at min 20 hours of battery life, 24 would be preferred. Reason for the 24 hour preferred is to account for battery life loss. 20 hours would put it in range of max day length for me. A normal day would say be 18 hours give or take.

I'm still getting 72+ hours per charge on my Motoactv. I know I miss out on Google Now cards & voice input features, but I'm alright holding off till Gen II of Android Wear till battery life is better addressed.

We charge everything at night anyways - jeez, people just need something to bitch about - I can't wait to give my gear 1 away to a family member - let it drive them crazy for a change

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Maybe! why isn't there no maybe option? There are more to this smartwatch than its battery life, i won't buy it just for that (price/performance/stability/you name it)

If the Moto 360 only had 1 days worth of battery life, i'd most likely turn to the Pebble Steel then with it's 4-5 days of battery life

With the current state of battery technology, I don't expect to get more then 1 day of use out of it. What i do want to see is a way to change the battery once it begin to lose it's charge. If Motorola hasn't thought about this they really needs to. I have watches that do cost upwards of $800 but I can either change the battery or they run on different technology. This is something that is very very important. I do not want to place a throwaway device on my wrist that I can't replace/get replaced the battery. If this is the case it better be priced somewhere in the range of 50 bucks.

If I recall correctly, somebody did a teardown of the G Watch, and found that the battery was relatively easy to replace. Not sure about the Gear Live or 360 though.

Okay, I'm a techlover, but what's wrong with a normal watch? Our phones and laptops are next to us all day anyways.

P.s they have something called eco drive on some watches that use solar charging for the battery.
And the day I can get a week out of a charge is the day I buy one.

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I'm not likely to buy any of these devices. They're just too big and too limited in functionality right now. In another generation or two, maybe.

But battery life probably wouldn't be an issue for me IF "one day of battery life" really means one full day. If I could take it off the charger at 6:00 in the morning, and not have to put it back on the charger until I go to bed, whether that be 11:00 p.m., midnight, or 3:00 a.m., I can live with that. What I wouldn't live with is having to take it off and charge it at 7:00 p.m., or remember that I need to charge it during the day if I'm going to have a late night.

20 - 24 hours on a charge is pretty much the minimum if this is to be a truly functional device. And tlaswell makes a good point. It needs to still offer a full day's life after a couple of years, or have a very easily replaceable battery. If I spend $300 on a watch, and a year from now it won't get through a day, I won't be happy.

The battery life was a complete deal-breaker for me on this generation of Android Wear watches. I think anyone stating that 18-24 hours is enough is being too much of a tech apologist (just my opinion, though, as I am a recovering apologist myself). I totally understand the appeal of the Wear watches and so I find it acceptable in this case.

My Gear 2 Neo is also my alarm. I track my sleep overnight, which also blocks notifications. So, charging overnight is not an option for me.

I can go over two days without charging my current watch but I can go further with a few tactical charges. I put it on its cradle in the morning while I shower and get ready for work and some evenings while I'm on the computer. This is enough to keep me running until the weekend, when I will typically leave it charging overnight either Friday or Saturday night.

If someone could find a way to get the Google Now features onto my Neo, I would be very happy for a long time. Until then, the Neo does what I need it to and does it well. =-]

I think it would be pretty cool if I could swap out the battery. I used to do that on my really old Samsung phone. The battery life got really poor so I bought a second battery. Might be a bit tedious carrying around a second battery but can be really useful if you need the device and it's about to die

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I charge my phone everyday so I don't believe there would be an issue with the watch.

The issues I have are not having the fancy proprietary chargers where I need them.

It's sexy and I'm grabbing it no matter what!

I'm spoiled. I put my Pebble on charger for an hour or so on Sunday and don't have to worry about it til the weekend
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I charge my phone every night, no problem. However, my watch is my alarm (vibration only). Otherwise, my alarm would be my wife bopping me on the head to turn off my phone (as it was pre-Gear2Neo). ;-]

Still trying to figure why I need a phone and a watch that does all the phone does. Plus having to charge them both. I think android wear is a passing fad

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I would definitely need it to last past midnight on days when I hit downtown on the weekend and may not have had time to sit it on the charger that day..

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Stupid poll...
The title reads of only one day of battery life "... would you still get it?" The answer to this is No. But down below the question reads "... would this new a desk breaker?" To which the answer is Yes.
I answered no before I knew there had been a bait and switch going on, lame.

Accompanying us to come out with kinetic charging for smart watches. Even if I didn't charge it fully if you could use some of that technology to keep the charge up to about a week that would be way better

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Unless Motorola have invented a new battery technology or screen technology that no one knows about, the Moto 360's battery life will be a product of screen size vs battery size.

From early comments from those that have worn the device, it is very light, lighter in fact than the LG watch - which leads me to suspect that it's battery size will not be bigger than the 400 mAh of the G.

The screen technology appears to be a type of OLED, which should be more efficient than the LCD of the G. Therefore I would say given its larger screen size - we can expect roughly or slightly better - battery times than the G watch and perhaps better than the Samsung offering which has only a 300 mAh battery, but a smaller screen and AMOLED which is also more efficient.

Given the above I would say a battery life similar to that of the current watches.

Nope. Needs at least a couple days. Gear neo gets me through three days right now with high brightness and lots of notifications happening all the time.

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Why? I have had the original Pebble and now the Pebble steel and my wife has the original in red and all get up to 5 days between charges and works on Android, IOS and windows phone and I can connect multiple Pebbles to my Galaxy Note 3 with no issues. It works and I get all the info and features I want. Plus, when I am playing golf in direct sunlight I can actually read it. When Android wear gets a better battery and works across more platforms, maybe. And that's a big maybe....

Ya, just so long as it's and actual day of heavy (read normal) usage and not the sad joke that are the other Android Wear devices.

Armadillo, the other white meat.

My G Watch comes off the charger at 7am, and is between 40 and 45% battery remaining when I go to bed around midnight. Brightness level 4, screen always on.

As long as you can get 1 whole day out of the watch, that is good enough for me. I have had the Motoactv for over 2 years. If I do not use the GPS (which I do for running typically) I can easily get 2.5 days out of the watch. But I charge it every night. No big deal.

Already did, I received my Moto 360 yesterday and i am actually surprised by the battery life it gets, we have to remember that this is a FIRST GENERATION smart watch...yes the battery will deteriorate over time but the software also gets better over time. I'm happy with my purchase and well worth over $249, Im sure most Moto 360 owners will agree with me.