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This podcast is a BIG one! So full of awesomeness, we can hardly believe it. Consider yourselves warned!

Strap in, folks. We're going way long this week as we wrap up our trip to the West Coast for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C and a couple new Chromecasts. Then we head east to New York City for the LG V10 and [Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE. Plus we've got the Samsung Gear S2 in hand, and we answer more of your questions live.

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Reader comments

Android Central 256: Nexus 2015 Special Edition!


I know you wanna live up to your username, but its time to face the facts. The combined power of the nexus 6, 6P, and 5X rules all in Android land !!

I'm looking forward to getting MM in....oh I don't 3 days? Hehehe

Oh that's right..... Marshmallow is about to officially make land fall. Maybe the Note 5 will get it sometime next summer.

Posted via the Android Central App

You misspelled January. Right around the time the Nexus beta test program is on. 0.3

S-Pen goes *** click ***

Nah the new ones aren't bad, well not as bad as I thought they would be. Looks like three years in a row I don't have much to pick on.

16 gb and no wireless charging is a serious screw up but I get the reasons.

S-Pen goes *** click ***

Yeah, I agree on the 16 GB storage being a screwup, I don't get the reasons why in this day and age that is acceptable on a Nexus device, especially since they now have a better camera.

Oh boy. I'd hate to see your bar tab tonight.... you had to be pretty loaded to make a statement like that.

Posted via the Android Central App

Lmao!! Be sure to let us know how much Samsung raped marshmallow on your S6 when they finally push it out in 6 months...hehehe

So Nonexus appears to be a Samsung fan from their signature.
A Samsung fan. Have I travelled back in time to 2012?

Posted via the Android Central App

Well you 2 nexus nerds replied the same way. Is 9ersfan the 6p and aceloreco75 the 5x in you're twisted nexus love affair? Lol

Posted via the Android Central App

I'm just wondering what phone you think you're going to have in six months because no matter which phone you get I guarantee my Nexus will be running better then what ever shiny glassy gimmicky device you end up with.

Posted via the Android Central App

Yeah, the Verge is dreadful now. I wish Joshua Topolsky still there. He loved tech, these other guys just seem too irritated and ego driven. Except Dieter, he still seems open.

Posted via the Android Central App

The Verge is an Apple worshipping web site. When they first broke from Engadget, things were good. Now they turned into Engadget again. All credibility has gone out the window with those guys in my opinion.

Posted via the Android Central App

I followed Joshua topolski to the verge, since once he left, Engadget went to shit. But you're right, now the verge is the same and all I need is Android central. Lol

Posted via the Android Central App

I want the Nexus so bad but I gotta wait until my contract is over or pay the remaining dollar for my current phone. FML

On naming, I have to say I much prefer using the year in the name. Like cars. There's no ambiguity unless they start releasing two phones a year...

Yes dude. I hate how phones are named. I don't want ever want to hear about the new "Samsung Galaxy S13." You're right about phones being named like cars. "2024 Galaxy S" sounds way better.

I own multiple smartphones and have multiple computers. Nothing to be ashamed about. I'm about to drop some coin on a new corvette and I will drive it around with zero shame! I put in the work so I'll enjoy it.

Posted via the Android Central App

If you're getting a vette at least you have better taste in cars than you do phones. ;) I'm a fellow vette owner and trust me you'll never have any shame driving one around.

Posted via the Android Central App

Corvette isn't that great so saying its a nexus.. What's a Ferrari then.. Cause it sure outclasses a corvette

Posted via Android Central App

I have a little white trash 90 Notchback mustang that will hurt your feelings if i see you on at a light. ; )

Posted via the Android Central App

Good one :D

Seriously though. Its a straight line "street" car. Who cares if your car can corner. Gravel will own you. Plus corvette owner ussually cant drive anyway. Hehe

Posted via the Android Central App

Russell nailed it when he said "Half of them say the 808 isn't good enough, and the other half say 810 over heats", or words to that effect. You can't win with some people.

Posted via the Android Central App

The iPhone 3D touch bashing is hysterical. Their comment that a long-press basically does the same thing is ridiculous.. there's levels of pressure - software alone cannot interpret levels of pressure. Once Samsung comes up with Samsung Touch or whatever they call it, then it will be the best thing since sliced bread LOL

The 2015 Nexus 5X is an embarrassment. At this rate, given Googles shitty efforts, I don't think I will be returning to the Nexus crowd any time.

The fact Google is trying to pass this off as a win is appalling.

I don't know where you guys have been hiding. But ...
1. There are companies left who are manufacturing small phones. Sony has an amazing Xperia Z5 Compact without sacrificing performance or specifications.
2. Sony has the NFC indicator on the back, CLEARLY marked.
3. The camera bump on the Nexus phones, or any phone for that matter is just ugly. If Sony can make it flushed into the body of the Xperia phones, why can't everyone else do it? Design wise, I believe the Sony Xperia line brings all the boys to the yard. At least, they got this boy in their yard.