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Phil and Jerry are joined by special guest Russell Holly of to talk up this week's LG G2 event from New York City, more on the Moto X now that we've got a solid week's worth of use out of it, the latest Nexus 7 drama — and more of your e-mails. Join us!

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Android Central 146: The LG G2, more Moto X


Nice podcast. Just an FYI Phil you can press the ring button again on the website for android device manager and it will stop the device from ringing as opposed to going to find it.

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It irritates me when people say "that phone is to big" because the screen is 5.2 in. The G2 width is only 1 mm wider than the Galaxy S4. You people need to wake up. bezel-less, large screen phones are the future. Its not a fad, they aren't hybrid freaks that require their own name or genre.

But what if the s4 was already too big for them? Honestly that's the category I fall in. I wouldn't buy the g2, s4 or one for that reason...anything wider than the nexus 4 is already too big..,

You people? Who would those people be?

Do you mean the 970,000,000 Android buyers who didn't buy a extra-large screen device?

Vocal minority is vocal.

a lot of people only have smaller devices because they did not have large screens 2 years ago, and the average person gets subsidized phones. 1 1/2 years ago the galaxy Nexus had the largest screen in November 2011 and that was only 4.6". give it another year when large screens have been around longer to judge. Most people who stream media with videos want large screens.

I thought the whole point was that Qualcomm had proprietary code in the kernel and couldn't give it up for open source because it would give their competitors access to work that is advanced and their competitors don't have.

JBQ said he knew of this for the past six months and saw it coming from day One, but knuckled under to do his job to the best of his abilities.

I still don't understand why JBQ stepped down, if it was his decision or someone higher up telling him to resign because it always looks better to leave on your decision than to be let go by the bosses

LG G2 is quite a device. I find the LG UI and feature set to be very useful from all the coverage I have seen. Unlike Samsung, with air view and such which is much more cumbersome and time consuming to use. I applause LG for stepping up their game and truly bringing a beast of a device to the market.

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Great to hear you rave about the moto x but really frustrated that it doesn't seem to be coming to the UK.... Such a good phone should be international.

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It's interesting that there are still some who want a keyboard on their smartphones. A friend of mine came back from Jamaica, and they showed me their smartphone that was made by Samsung that had a keyboard running android (not sure what version), and it looked just like a blackberry. I couldn't find it here in Canada or US, so I think manufactures are making these types of phones for certain areas.

Great show, Guys; I love how you are a reasoned and informed Android podcast (unlike some others out there).

One thing, though: Can you please do me a personal favor, and put your phone on mute before recording the podcast? Someone on that podcast has the same notifications as I do, and I kept having to run back to my phone to see if I missed an important e-mail. Drove me batty! ;-)

The Moto X is such a gimmick phone. Without the voice functions (no one I know even uses it) it's just an over-priced heavily marketed mid-tier phone.

I have never seen or heard more excuses and ridiculous rationalizations for actual issues from any Android web site than this one. GPS in Nexus 7 doesn't work? Oh we don't use it anyway..and on and on. Forget about getting any real information from this sites articles or Podcasts. Not to mention the hissy fits when people point out real issues. It's really pathetic.