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Popular media sharing app Plex has added camera uploading for its Android and Windows Phone apps, as well as sync for Windows 8. This means pictures you shoot on your phone will be automatically uploaded to your Plex library. The Windows desktop app now lets you keep media access identical with other devices.

These features had previously been reserved for those that are dishing out for a Plex Pass subscription ($3.99 / monthly, $29.99 / annually). Though it's classy to eventually bring these features out for everybody, it disincentivizes folks from paying for a subscription, doesn't it? In any case, I use Plex regularly and it's an outstanding service. If you've been looking for a way to keep your media library organized across devices, be sure to check out Plex.

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Plex updated for Android with camera upload and more!


Your right, the article is wrong.
I paid for the app in the past, I'm not a plex pass subscriber and when I tried to enable the feature it said it's a premium feature for plex pass owners only.

Honestly if they'd give me $15 for the three apps I already bought for android,iOS and roku I'd probably fork over the money for a lifetime plex pass. As it is now none of the features that plex pass gives you are big enough

Cool, I use plex on my home media server, with a roku box in the living room and chromecast in the bedroom
this added feature is cool.
I paid for the android app and the roku app, haven't gotten plex pass because I don't need the extra features, though faster updates would be nice. Then again, I can look at it that plex pass members are their beta testing group lol.

Yea. We are kind of beta testers but this is probably still in beta. I saw it on my app to update just a few moments ago. and I am a plex pass member. Until today it was only available on iPhones. So this hasn't gone through the regular exclusivity for the plex pass members.

Why change what works then right? I have to be mindful for waf (Wife acceptance factor)
slower updates that are more fully tested by plex pass members might be better for me.
As it is, plex rarely gives me any issues with the public release.

Good point. Zero WAF factor here. And honestly if it wasn't for plex my GF would have very limited viewing options.
I have never had really big issues with being a plex pass member. It has always appeared to run pretty solid. The devs have warned a few times about stability on certain builds with allot of changes. I just don't load those.

Having the pass also helps me with letting my extended family access my content.

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I signed up as a Plex Pass subscriber so that I can stream my movies wherever I am, but I also want the bleeding edge of any new features these guys can crank out. I love Plex!

Not very related to Android, but for some reason the Windows version of this app is incapable of the ability to sort videos by folder, I didn't realized this when I bought a Windows tablet which lead me to selling it. Apparently there have been request for it in their forum for months.