The Plants vs. Zombies 2 update we scoped out at E3 is now available! The Dark Ages Part 1 brings back the mushrooms we all know and love from the original, affording a new and interesting way of collecting sunshine. The Zombies are following with the theme, donning full plate and sending in frenzied berserkers that fling pellets back at you.

Plant food gives some unique new abilities to your three different mushroom types, plus there's a familiar premium plant, the hypnosis mushroom, which turns one of the zombies to fight for your defensive lines.

As great as this update is, it's only Episode 1 of The Dark Ages, so expect some more medieval-themed goodness in Plants vs. Zombies 2 sooner than later. How many of you guys are playing PvZ 2 still? How far into the campaign are you?


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Plants vs. Zombies 2 goes medieval in latest update


I have completed the entire campaign, have all the spaces in the zen garden, over 100000 in coins about 175 gems, and have not spent a dime of real money. I play a couple of times a day mainly for the daily challenge and I have been playing it since it launched. Happy to see they continue to update it

Now make it not cost $25 to have all the plants from the series and I'll be interested

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PvZ 2 was unplayable on my Nexus 5. I would hit one square and the square to the left would be the one that had the action happen to it. Reinstalled three times but still no go. This is the only game I have installed on my Nexus 5 that has had this happen. Reminded me of my Nexus 7 which would do that continually on pretty much everything (and why I returned the Nexus 7).