Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Far Future

Earlier this year we gave you some hints for how to best spend your time waiting for a new Plants vs. Zombies 2 level. Today, that wait is over.

Dave is heading into the future — the Far Future, to be exact. New levels. New zombies. New plants with which to fight them. And new Power Squares, which make strategy more important than ever. We won't spoil all the fun — just go download it. And we hope you saved up a key from your previous levels, otherwise the Far Future will cost you a few bucks to unlock.


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Plants vs. Zombies 2 goes back to the future ... the Far Future


This game and series is dead to me. The amount of F2P insanity they've added, when they could have easily gotten a flat $10 ruined any goodwill the company had.

I don't like the "Free to Play" model at all, but I haven't spent a cent on PVZ2 and have had no trouble at all. And now they added the garden, so you can earn even more coins.

But I love the game so much, I would GLADLY have paid a few dollars for a "full version". However, I will never pay for "addons" and "lives" and stuff like that in ANY game. Again, I hate that model.

Updated to new version on my Nexus 10, no problem at all.

The whole concept of the game is tedious, yet every time the tweak it AC salutes and dutifully runs out another article. What's up with that?

I haven't paid a single cent to play this game and I'm playing the new Future zone just fine and progressing nicely. The levels are just the right amount of difficulty to keep you away from the "instant win" plant setup you think might guarantee a victory each time. Coins are plentiful as well. Play the game, get the plants, kill some zombies. Prices aside, unless you have to have everything right now, this game does IAP just fine.

I came here to post about the same In-App-Purchase thing... I play PvZ2 constantly and have never given them money and don't intend to until they have a flat ($10 would be fine) fee to unlock everything. Before now, I would have also said that they did IAP properly (buy the plants and they're available forever) but with the new Zen Garden you can continuously buy "Gems" to speed up the growth to get you more coins to buy more power-ups but it doesn't add anything new to the game. Of course, they give you plenty of sprouts to encourage you to plant them in the Zen Garden to encourage you to buy more gems to... you get the idea. It's no longer a one-and-done. I just hope that the next new world (kinda looks like the Renaissance Days) doesn't require more money to unlock - just that you finish the Far-Future world. That I will do!

Okay - I'll add something to my own comment... The Zen Garden also allows "Boost" plants which power-up for one level. So it IS adding something new to the game, or at least... different.

I have the game installed from the play but for some strange reason it now says, it's not available in my country. Mexico

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