Plague Inc Neurax Worm

Bored with bacteria? Fed up with fungus?  Bio-weapons got you down? If you're tired of the same old destruction in Plague Inc. -- a happy little game from Ndemic Creations in which your job is to eradicate humanity -- a new update brings forth the Neurax Worm, a "manipulative organism that burrows into the brain."

The expansion pack also burrows into your wallet a tad, to the tune of a $1.99 in-app purchase. But when was the last time you purchased a mind-controll worm so cheap?


Reader comments

Plague Inc adds Neurax Worm for $1.99


That's one thing I love about this app. You can pay to unlock everything if you wish, but you can also just play to unlock it all.

Developers complain about Android users pirating their apps so it seems that is their excuse for the higher prices. If they actually priced their apps correctly and across platforms then they would likely see more sales and less problems. For me paying higher prices for an app means I just skip buying it, so they lose my sale regardless.

I believe Google can fix the majority of the pirating problem once they are able to have paid apps in China. Honestly though, I think the price issue is caused by the games becoming popular on one platform and then when it finally gets a port the devs feel they can charge more because of the popularity on the other platform.