Pinterest for Android

Pinterest for Android is real. It exists. We've seen it. Here it is. Only, it's not quite ready for public consumption, and so this is all you get to see. But we can tell you all about what we've seen, and it's pretty much what you'd expect from a Pinterest app on Android. The pic above hosts the board, and from there you tap into the individual pins. Scrolling on the Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean was impressive to say the least. The big differentiator over the iOS version of Pinterest, of course, is sharing. You'll be able to share pins in the same way that you can share anything else on Android, and that's a powerful feature. And of course it'll sync up with your current Pinterest account.

Here's the rub, though. The Pinterest app is still very much in development, and not even the lead dev, with whom we spoke here at Google I/O, is sure exactly what it's going to look like when it's released later this year. So it's coming, it's just that nobody's sure what, exactly, it'll look like.

So stay tuned, and keep pinning.


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Pinterest for Android - First look


Later this year? Not later this month, or this week? Why has it taken Pinterest so long to come out with something that should have existed from the start?

I've been using Springpad for a few years now and love it. It's definitely one of my most important and most used apps.

So wish I would of seen this before I told the lady that a Pinterest app should be out by the end of the week, per your article hinting at as much from the 24th. DAMMIT!!

Sorry to be off-topic, but I am amazed that you find the time to write about Pint-meh-terest in light of all the awesomeness coming from Google I/O (which you guys cover brilliantly so far).

Of all the awesome things coming out of Google I/O. This app is the only thing my wife gives a crap about. All the rest of the stuff would get a "that's nice dear" from her.

Much ado about nothing then. I'm a bit disappointed that they would make this kind of an announcement at I/O, if they're going to show their face there anything short of a release is weak tea.