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When the "berry pink" Galaxy Note first launched in Korea in early April, we doubted whether Samsung would look to release the device outside of its home territory. What fools we were.

Today the Carphone Warehouse reveals that it's planning to launch the pink Galaxy Note in the UK starting next month. There's even a pre-registration page open for would-be buyers to sign up for additional info on the mauve monstrosity.  We're not sure what more information can be offered, though -- as far as we're concerned it's the same old Galaxy Note, only with a hideous new coat of paint.

In any case, if the existing black and white Galaxy Notes are just too subdued and tasteful for you, you can find out more about the pink variant over at the source link. (Spoiler alert: it's a Galaxy Note, in pink.)

Source: Carphone Warehouse; via: Recombu


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Pink Samsung Galaxy Note headed to the UK in June


And at least, judging by the color on this picture, it's like someone spilled a bottle of Pepto Bismol over a Galaxy Note.

Funnily enough, I rarely see the pink one in women's hands here in Korea.. Most seem to have the black or white version. And yes MANY women have the Note, a few have the Optimus Vu..

I'd proudly rock this phone everywhere! Hell, I'd get a case with bunny ears to put on this bad boy!

Am I thought only one who thinks that pink of that shade is awful? Does Motorola still own the rights to using hot pink or something?