Samsung Galaxy Note 4

One of the hottest phones of the year, pictured from every angle imaginable

The fourth iteration in the series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, has finally been unveiled, and now we're all trying to digest every single piece of information we can about it. That includes seeing it from every possible angle, and we've got you covered. We've rounded up every single picture we have of the Galaxy Note 4, and put them in one massive gallery of excellence. Enjoy!


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In pictures: Samsung Galaxy Note 4


That's what I noticed too... A step backwards?

Edit: Based on the specs, it does indeed appear Samsung went backwards here! They do say USB 2

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Not really backwards. With all its internal improvements, it consumes less power and charges a lot quicker. Therefore having the universal usb 2 is a good idea.

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Still has slower data transfer, so yes, it's backwards. Also, the USB 3.0 is just as compatible as the USB 2.0 port was - you can even use your existing USB 2.0 cables if you don't mind the slower charging / data speeds.

I think it's kinda ugly, Looks like there's to much bezel and USB 2.0? I'm wondering how the camera stacks up against the LG G3

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I like the sides. I think the sticky out pen I will get used to. It's trying to make the new Note series a noticeable fashion statement possibly.

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Not a mind blowing design but a step in the right direction in my opinion. I think I'll be upgrading my Note II.

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