Droid Mini.

The Droid Mini promises the features of the Ultra in a smaller chassis

It seems we're being inundated with "mini" versions of popular smartphones these days. First was Samsung with its Galaxy S4 Mini, then HTC with the One Mini. Today Motorola announced a "miniature" 4.3-inch handset of its own, the Droid Mini, promising thin bezels, an HD display and the same software suite that's found on the larger devices.  Like last year's RAZR M, Moto's calling the Mini's screen an "edge-to-edge" display, on account of its almost nonexistent horizontal bezels.

The Motorola Droid Mini lands on Verizon Aug. 22 for $99 on-contract. We've got your first look in our photo gallery after the break; stay tuned for video in the very near future.


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In pictures: The Motorola Droid Mini


ok wait!! That's a stupid comment. just because there is extra screen on edge doesn't mean people are going to hold the phone differently. so extra smudge is improbable.

also search youtube for millions of phone reviews NO one holds their phone with their finger around the screen edge

Like others are saying, for some reason there is no "break" in the AC App to look for the photos.

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I'm sorry. I was really jazzed about the mini until I saw 16 gb onboard with no SD slot. If the Moto X does have 32 gb option, that's the way I may go.

Phone seems to have great specs, but why not make it true edge to edge and a 4.5" screen? I was planning on getting this, but I wanted a little more screen real estate than my Rezound.

I personally believe they should make 3 versions of each flagship phone. 3.7", 4.3", and 5". I feel like these are the sweet spots for every phone user. The person with too much crap in their pockets, the person who wants a decent sized screen to do most things, and the person who has to show everyone something cool.

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I think having a true edge to edge would make the screen probably weaker and more chance of breaking and pretty sure buttons etc mean you need some bezels..but even then the mini for a 4.3" is very small and is smaller than both the one and s4 mini and pretty much same size as a iPhone 4 which has a 4" screen..I think they have done a great job and finally given people who wanted a small android phone with no real compromise, 4.3" 340ppi screen,2gb ram, 10mp cam, SD card, nfc etc etc it seems to have it all...people who cry about small android phones have poor specs need to speak with there money now. If this mini is a hit, it will show the other OEMS that there are people that want up to date specs in a small device.

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Finally a small android phone without any real spec cutbacks ..2gb ram 720p screen with nearly 350ppi, large battery for a 4.3" screen,SD card, 10mp camera, if I didnt have an s4 already I would have been really tempted by this.

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