Because we were all clamoring for a successor to the original Samsung Galaxy, it looks like Samsung has decided to come out with a Samsung Galaxy 2. Okay, to be fair the Galaxy was a pretty good Android device that unfortunately got swept under the rug because it never truly caught on in the States and was left behind when other Android devices started coming out of the woodworks. 

The picture above is reportedly just a render of what the Galaxy 2 is expected to look like but if its spec list is to be believed, it'll be packing some monster specs (that are actually growing typical of Android devices): 1GHz Snapdragon Processor, 3.7-inch AMOLED Screen, 5 megapixel camera, Android 2.1, and 32GB of internal memory. Nice. We're hoping Samsung leaves the Galaxy 2's 2.1 UI alone because Touchwiz isn't really our thing.

We're supposed to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy 2 at MWC so keep your eyes open!



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Picture Of Samsung Galaxy 2 Leaks, To Be Announced At MWC ?


Ewww. Can samsung try to be a BIT innovative and unique with their phones? It looks like the Nexus without the trackball. The trackball is super useful. And without it PLUS touchwiz? Awesome phone guys.

32gb INTERNAL memory? As in before you put in your sd card? Brilliant, I hope this becomes the norm for android devices!

Wow, I really like the looks of that. Looks like something I would replace my droid with since I'm sure it's smaller, lighter and doesn't have the slider keyboard that I never use. I could definitely get used to a Nexus One without the trackball type phone.

Samsung always made a good HARDWARE.
It's software they sxxxed. They think software is just something that makes hardware work. That's their mind. They just don't understand the importance of software.

I bet they'd include that TouchWiz crap and mess up the whole experience.

I won't be excited until that actually comes out and gets good reviews.

I think it looks great and I can't wait to see more of it, although I do agree about the TouchWiz rubbish.

Leave it as it is in the picture with Android 2.1 and it'll be a sure fire hit.

The original Galaxy was never given the right chance here in England. I only recently (since Christmas) seen it in any of the network stores.

The Galaxy never caught on in the states because no carrier actually picked it up in the states!

I hope we get this one because as a previous commenter mentioned, Samsung makes great hardware (and google makes great software) so this seems like a much better marriage than HTC+Google!