T-Mobile G2

Yes, folks, the rumors were true. If you haven't already gotten yours shipped early, you can pick up a T-Mobile G2 today in stores. Probably. We're willing to bet a few didn't get the word, so no blaming us if you get shut out. But it's here, folks. It's here. [via Android Central Forums]


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Pick up your T-Mobile G2 today, if you want


Not any of the Galaxy S phones and definitely not the Epic 4g and the 1ghz processor makes all the differences. The only reason why those scores are higher is because its already running 2.2 and the one 1ghz phones will overclock higher than 800mhz phones and the end of the day the g2 will not compete with 1ghz phones when both are maxed out Ive seen nexus one benchmarks that are higher then the g2

Its a 45nm processor running with Adreno 205 core which is better than than the 200. It is NOT faster than any other Android phone. Yes, it is faster than the older Snapdragon devices like the N1, Inc, and EVO running at 1Ghz, but it is only playing catch up to OMAP and especially Humminbird processors. The humminbirds have the better GPU and run the same 45nm architecture. You and many others have this all wrong. Qualcomm is simply playing catch up to processors that already exist and you are calling it the next gen. Get your facts right.

Quadrant is a system benchmark and is heavily influenced by the GPU. In CPU benchmarks (e.g. Linpack) the G2 falls short of the 1GHz Snapdragon. I'm sure when Froyo hits the Galaxy S phones, they'll stomp the G2 as well.

Yeah, if you live in a big city then T-Mobile is very good. Here in SF TMo is faster than Verizon and better quality than AT&T.

Believe it or not, a lot of people I know here in college and at work have T-Mobile. I live in Atlanta, GA.

I was consistently getting better speed test benchmarks than a Verizon Incredible on my T-Mo N1. sometimes a full megabit faster.. NYC

Does anybody know if RadioShack will have the G2 for a discounted price if bought off contract? Since they're selling it for a discounted price on contract will that same discount work towards the off-contract price?

I picked one up today and it only has the 2gb internal disk space. I asked the guy at T-Mobile why it only has 2gb since they are advertising 4gb and he didn't know so he checked a few of the phones they had in-store and they were all 2gb. He then called customer support and they said they are actually all 4gb but 2gb is already taken up by pre-installed apps! I don't know if I believe this because those apps couldn't really add up to over 2 gb could they??

Regardless I'm really happy with the phone coming from the Nexus One. I hear what people are saying above about the speed of the Galaxy S phones but I know someone who has one and she has found it to be very buggy and slow. Hopefully 2.2 will fix that.

That doesn't sound right at all. I'd keep an eye on that and be ready to take it back or work T-mo for a discount if you can't get definitive information on that. It was advertised as having 4GB internal storage.

i had mines since Thursday.... i just keep lmao @ some of the comments. this phone is lighting fast out of the box. imagine what it will be like when it's tweeked. if u r planning on getting one, i highly doubt u will be disappointed. lol at those who don't have the phone speaking about it like they know what they are talking about....

I live in Houston, TX. and Sprint rules when incomes to value and quality of phones. I have the EVO 4G and it's clearly the best phone on the market. My wife has the Epic 4G and it's a close second.