The ability to accept and process payments while on the go is not a new concept, but it is also one that is far from perfected. We have seen tons of options, ranging from things like Square to PayPal's attempt, and all of them seem to fall short in on way or another. PayAnywhere is a mobile payment processing company that has taken the shortcomings of other applications, built upon them, and come in with the lowest processing fees, making the service a rather attractive one.

When looking at other available options, one thing that sticks out immensely is the lack of quality behind the receipts and offerings that they provide, limiting the client base that is likely to want to use their service. Odds are if you are running a larger business, you want a receipt that shows a breakdown of the products, shows your business name, and doesn't look like your child designed it. PayAnywhere offers just that and more.

Within the application you can set up company information to print on the receipt, and set up an inventory of items that can be quickly added during your sale. If the item isn't listed in your inventory, no problem, simply add it at that time and you are good to go. In the options of the application you are able to set up discounts, toggle taxes based on location, and much much more. Beyond all of this, the application that powers the reader is a cross platform application which is available on Android, iOS and BlackBerry, which means nearly any employee you have would be able to pick it up and use it without any issues. The reader is free through PayAnywhere, so if you happen to be in the market for something new to accept your payments, this is definitely a worth while service to give some serious thought to. Hit the break with us to check it out in action, and get a deeper look and feel for it.


Reader comments

PayAnywhere aims to make accepting payments on the go a breeze


Their rates are virtually identical to Square, with the exception of the manually entered numbers which are $0.10 cheaper.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who got absolutely nothing out of that article, other than a really long-winded "PayAnywhere exists."

isn't this technology already out? the restaurant "stacks" is already using this type of payment. the best part is that you can pay for individual items, which helps when you are with groups of friends.

This is a no go for me. Was going thru the application process for my business and they wanted EIN and SSN. Also, reading the fine print is they will charge $20 for shipping of their free reader. Thanks but no thanks, i'll deal with the .06% difference with Square.

This is a deal breaker for you? What sort of business are you running? There isn't a credit card processor out there that won't require this information. Square asked for it when I signed up with them. The $20 for shipping might be bit high, but seriously if 20 bucks is a deal breaker for your business, you should wrap it up and just get a job.

I use PayAnywhere’s app and i’ve never had a problem with them. They have low rates and the features are easy to use. I considered Square before, but i really like PayAnywhere’s service. It’s perfect for small business owners. Here’s a link to their site: