If you've at all paid attention to the recent news from RIM, the latest version of its OS -- BlackBerry 10 -- is definitely coming (no really guys, we're serious this time). We don't know when that'll be for certain, and we're not so sure it's going to pull anyone away from the Android world. If you're curious to try out the lockscreen from BB10, however, here's your chance.

The always hacker-minded folks over at XDA have conjured up a mod to add the lockscreen to some specific devices on specific versions of Android, mainly 4.1 Jelly Bean at the moment, but hopefully expanded support is coming soon.

Source: CrackBerry; XDA

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vinny jr says:

I like it.

Ok I have to admit that's pretty frigging sexy.

n0obpr0 says:

really nice

SpookDroid says:

I'm more interested in how to get the TV-Off effect into my Note 2 :P

where do you download and flash it from

ridie1389 says:

Is the mod device specific? It any device that can run a custom 4.1 rom?

ISS2 says:

Niiiiiiiice...might have to check that out.

llllBULLSEYE says:

A lot of nice features on those BB10 phones. I hope they do good.
Don't know if they could get Android people to switch a 4.1
Android Phone runs way too smooth.

rob6raham says:

Nice. But would make a better notification drop-down, no?

jbarborka says:

The Developer states that it should run on any ICS AOSP ROM as well, but ICS is currently untested. Guess I'll be a guinea pig.

What's a BlackBerry?

wilderthing says:

Its a feature phone (with some smart phone like features) that was popular until 2010.

lol, I used to love blackberry...

glamrlama says:

If Android fans are wetting themselves over a "replica" of the beta version of the BB10 lock screen then you will gobble up french/cinnamon toast.

Yeah we have tasty treats on BB as well! (Yeah it is still baking but the smell keeps getting better!!)