Pantech Crossover on AT&T

Ah, the Pantech Crossover. It's fresh on the scene, but I think people are still wondering, who is it for? It's got a slide out keyboard but the rest of the hardware definitely alienates some.

It's small, it's compact, and it looks like it's ready to go on mountain hikes with you, just so you can send a snapshot from the top of Mount Everest when you're up there.

Is it the phone for you? Maybe so. Pictures and video are after the break.

Pantech Crossover on AT&TPantech Crossover on AT&T

Pantech Crossover on AT&TPantech Crossover on AT&T

Pantech Crossover on AT&TPantech Crossover on AT&T

Pantech Crossover on AT&TPantech Crossover on AT&T

Pantech Crossover on AT&TPantech Crossover on AT&T

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This kind of looks like a "sport" phone... does it have true gps or does it depend on cell towers for accurate locations?

icebike says:

All GPS's are "True" GPSs.

Just because phones have an aGPS doesn't mean its not a TRUE GPS. The a (assisted) bit just helps it get a lock sooner.

themuffinman says:

This thing is ugly as hell, the design looks straight out of the 70's.

Dostovel says:

Yea huh?! Like all those other damn smart phones they had back then!!!!!

GTFO man!

orlanka says:

The muffinman (do you know him?) is right, the lines and coloring look like some sort of retro piece.

There were smart phones back then, even my old rotary phone. When I walked far enough away and ran out of cord, I knew I was about 12' from where I started. It really was the first GPS.

amojeba says:

Haha 12 feet away. That's a good one :)

I do remember those long 25 foot extension cords that go across 2 rooms of the house and everyone was tripping over. Before cell phones....hell, before cordless phones even. Those were the days.....

themuffinman says:

No need to be a dick, unless you just don't know any better. Anyway the styling looks retro thats why I said that and if you couldn't figure that out on your own then you have a lot more to worry about other than being a dick when responding to my comment.

hmmm says:

At least it doesn't look like 99% of the other phones out there. I am not the type who wants a tablet for a phone which is what most companies are pushing right now.

CeluGeek says:

Agreed. I'm sick of oversized tabletphones and iPhone lookalikes. The Crossover is refreshing in comparison.

If the Crossover is offered as a GoPhone, I'll grab it. I still think it isn't a phone worth signing a 2-year contract for.

Now, if it went beyond the "sports device" look to actually being shock-resistant and splash-proof, then that'd be a huge plus for an otherwise unremarkably-spec'ed phone.

dacp283 says:

I wouldn't call it retro but it does look like it stepped straight out of the first star trek movie lol. Retro futuristic tech I guess lol.

VCL says:

Damn, that thing is UGLYYYYYY.

Dark_Blu says:

It's looks do speak "Geek Appeal". If it ran Gingerbread, had a bigger screen, at least a 1GHz CPU and was on Sprint, I'd think about it, then look at my EVO and say, "Nah. I'm good".

jorian85 says:

AT&T have service on top of a mountain... LOL

Beezzy says:

This seriously looks like a toy! No way in hell will this get support past 6 months, its just gonna anger more customers after they buy it not knowing the bugs in this aren't going to be worked out.

dchawk81 says:

For some reason I think of Atari when I see this phone.

By the way, is Pantech sortof at&t's house brand?

campy614 says:

I think it's really easy to see where this is going. This is an attempt by AT&T to break into the non-smartphone user audience. AT&T has a decent amount of popular basic Pantech slider phones. So for the extra 50 bucks (plus the data plan... which is a small fortune and would bring in $$ for AT&T), the non-smartphone audience can get a smartphone that looks and feels like their normal phone but with more features.

The thing about the non-smartphone audience is that there's reason why they don't want to use smartphones. It's not like they can't grab and Android/BlackBerry/iPhone... they just don't want to. Maybe they don't need it Maybe they don't want to pay the extra $30 for a plan. Who knows.

Wonder if it'll work...

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