Although Pandigital was never a company known for their great quality tablets, there is plenty of them out there on the market and in the hands of consumers. Back in July 2012, the company officially signed over all of their assets to a liquidator which was then to sell the assets off in order to pay Pandigitals creditors. In that time, Pandigital has now started sending out emails to former customers advising their warranties on products are no longer valid and if you wish to make a claim, it has to be done with the liquidator.

You are receiving this email as you have recently been shipped a warranty replacement for a Pandigital product.

Please be advised that Pandigital, Inc (the ‘Company’), executed a General Assignment for the benefit of its creditors in favor of Credit Management Association on July 13, 2012 (the ‘General Assignment’). A general assignment is a common law means of concluding the affairs of an insolvent debtor as an alternative to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. Pandigital is currently in the process of liquidation by the Assignee.

Due to this liquidation process any further requests for warranty replacements cannot be honored.

So, that's that. You're likely better off just forgetting the whole thing happened then trying to reach out for a warranty replacement or refund. Chances are, you've already tried to scrub the experience of using a Pandigital device out of your memory banks any how.

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I approve this message. :P

return_0 says:

I looked at this tablet, and I thought, "Eww."

piizzadude says:

I am surprised that they closed up shop. There was no way they were getting sued by Apple for making knock offs...

zenitram_27 says:

I cringed every time I saw one of these

ajac09 says:

FIRE SALE on crap tablets

Who? . . . another crappy android maker bites the dust. Thank you.

Who? . . . another crappy android maker bites the dust. Thank you.

gordol says:

So, the company that gave crap tablets a bad name is gone?

No, Apple's not gone.

Baconator says:

I LOVE MY PANDIGITAL TABLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.......said no one ever

axllebeer says:

Haha. Totally agree with the above. +1

JayND says:

Pandigital is dead, but not as dead as that joke and I for one think it's about time to bury it...

John Ramsey2 says:

Dude you understand the stupidity of you opening sentence? It's a shame Pandigital didn't make it!! ever think of the workers out of work? Put your head between your legs and attempt at what your ambitions will not allow..

Johnclord says:

I LOVE MY PANDIGITAL TABLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really! Now it's been said.
Mine's still working just fine with spz0's OpenPDP firmware that lets me access the GooglePlay store. Screw apple and all their proprietary connectors. By using an OTG usb adapter, I also use my PDP model R70A200 with a wireless keyboard and mouse and from across the room, have it's HDMI output hooked to our 50" tv to watch XBMC or Netflix. Mostly I use it for reading ebooks using CoolReader ebook software or Kindle books or Barnes & Noble books. I also use it to watch mpg movies I uploaded to the 32GB microSD card I stuck in it. I don't need a capacitive stylus to work it. If I need fine resolution touching, I just take a cheap mechanical pencil and screw the lead all the way in, and use the plastic tip.
Cameras front and back work fine. WiFi works fine. CoolReader can even read my text ebooks out loud. I also listen to my Audible Audio books and Amazon music in the cloud.
Even without the OpenPDP firmware, I had no trouble installing the Audible for Android app from, and also the Kindle ebook reading app. Both work just fine. Battery life is good enough for me to watch an entire movie. When reading ebooks, I'm usually sitting still so it's no bother to plug it in then.

I should probably take advantage of the ones that will appear on the market cheap now and buy a matching model to mine and load the same firmware on it to have a spare.

Larry Newman says:

I am one of the happy owners of a Pandigital tablet. Mine works great too. Front and rear cameras are useful, I can email, read books play Youtube videos, and do a lot more. I can use more apps than I ever expected. It was my first tablet, and I wanted to see how I'd like them. Mine is android 2.2 though, and I'd like to upgrade that to Jelly Bean. I don't know if that is possible, but I'm working on it. The normal route is closed due to Pandigital going out of business, but maybe I'll figure it out another way. You seem to have done a lot with yours. And I like how you are using the 'stylus' substitute. There is a lot of negativity out there focused on the Pandigital tablet, so I wanted to say I appreciate your post. Nobody is using the first computer they started with, so what are they looking for? It was good for me to get into tablets, and maybe we were lucky, but I'm looking at it as a glass definitely more than half full! Lessons learned. There are definitely many cheap tablets out there now. I saw one recently on ebay for the same as I payed ($45) with Jelly Bean. I don't need to own everything I see, but maybe when that 13 inch Jelly Bean comes out for $50 I'll bite. Anyway thanks again for posting, and I hope this helps if anyone else reads this.

STomas01 says:

I have one also and was happy with it but I now have a problem. Before going for an operation on 09/05/13 I password locked the screen and have now forgotten the password. Do you have any idea how to unlock the screen since there is not a "forgot password" option? I ave tried every password I can remember ever using with no luck.

ChildofGod31 says:

My model has an Es security manager, this allows you to change password

Did you ever figure out how to unlock your screen? I have done the same thing and can't figure it out. I am trying to find out the key.

hi there Mr. newman i just got Pandigital tablet R70B200 is it possible you can email me the Firmware Update.

thanks Charlie Taylor

John Ramsey2 says:

Good enough for me too!!!

Andthrax says:

i met one person who called it her ipad and loved it while i couldnt believe it was enjoyable. i believe it was a pandigital with one button on the front and a 7" screen

techfellow says:

The sad part is tv shopping channel QVC will continue to sell these piece of crap and people will buy them.

John Ramsey2 says:

Well if your stupid enough to watch Home shopping networks? how can you argue about what's being sold?

cammykool says:

i would buy one to support the comany they all have potental..
just gotta know where to look

dchawk81 says:

See, people, it's not actually possible.

tigeryee says:

Good, manufacturers like these bring a bad name to Android. To be honest there are not many good Android tablets out there. Good for Google to step up and start selling some to lead by example.

richardpandy says:

100% Agree. Things like this completely degrade the Android name. I wish Google would take SOME control of who and what can use Android.

Johnclord says:

Google DOES take SOME control of who and what can use Android. They charge a fee (to manufacturers) for the privilege. I had to use OpenPDP firmware created by user Spz0 and offered from the Slatedroid forums in order to enable my PDP model R70A200 to access the Google Play market store, appearing as a PDP Novel to the store. The custom firmware works fine and I have many apps from the Google store. Why was this necessary? What I heard was that Pandigital refused to pay Google the $50 per device fee that Google charges for the privilege of using Android. Considering that Android is simply some customized build of Linux which is free open source software, I see why they refused. Sadly, it made them a less popular tablet and now they sank. Android is nothing more or less than tweaked Linux that Google put together, the same as Spz0 built the custom OpenPDP firmware that lets my PDP run exactly as though it has Android, including the loading screen Android robot - plus the added "Google Experience" needed bits for the play app store.

John Ramsey2 says:

Hey Fat Girl!!! Step away from the potatoes and think again!!! It takes business to bring work into our economy. Not just you couch potatoes who sit and eat Chips!!! Your pic says it all!!!

jorgeix says:

lol, yeah call the liquidator to claim your warranty. Sometimes even calling HP or Dell is is pain, now imagine the liquidators. I don't understand why people even bothered to buy this things from an unknow manufacturer. They may be cheap but it's literally like tossing money in the waste basket.

John Ramsey2 says:

The quality was there!! It's a damn shame the company bellied up!!! Must of been a take over on the idiot side!!

This thing was cool when it debuted in the original Mission Impossible tv show.

SamTime says:


John Ramsey2 says:

With that many HAHA's must be looking in your pants? That's the real haha

Drives home my point about warranties. When someone says lifetime warranty, I ask them "the lifetime of the device, or the lifetime of the company?"

wpavlik2 says:

1 Sale a Day had some of their POS eReaders in a grab bag I bought a while back. The FIRST eReader I got went on eBay, then it died after not even a day. I ended up refunding for that Auction, and sent it back to 1SaleADay, who sent me their 7inch color eReader which will be suitable ONLY for using as a digital picture frame, I believe.(and not really a good one at that)
Good Riddance!

hairball45 says:

I saw these turkeys along side similar junk from Polaroid at Odd Lots. Even at the ninety bucks they looked to be turds. My niece bought her mom one of those no name things online with the idea of "It will be good enough". It wasn't. The damn thing never worked and they were to stupid to send it back.

tengtengvn says:

Talk about lowest quality plastic. Even some Chinese made tablets have better quality than craps from Pandigital.

Josh Miazga says:

Im not sure who would even buy one of these terrible tablets.

Ron Klein says:

I bought the 7" white version of the Pandigital Novel eReader about 2 years ago. Outside of the frustration over its inability to play most video content, I was actually happy with it. At that time, it was advertised more as an "eReader" with a little more functionality added to it. Keeping that in mind, it worked great as an eReader. It did not have cameras, or even a microphone it was senseless to download and install apps that relied upon a camera for scanning purposes....or a mic input along with camera for any kind of video conferencing,....but it wasn't designed for that at the time. It shipped with its own proprietary OS interface which I liked, but of course wasn't setup at that time for app download. Later on, the company realized the growing trend for downloading Android they released a prom flash that converted the initial OS layout into a more familiar Android OS feel....and populated the screen with a link to an app download source. Once I applied the prom flash, I was up and downloading/installing apps within minutes of rebooting. My Novel shipped with just 1 gig of system ram and 1 gig of dedicated ram for the cpu. It also has the usual micro SD slot to increase external storage to 32 gigs. At this point in time, I have installed 110 or so apps, and am at the point where I'm out of room for additional installs. However, that's a lot more then what it shipped with. A few bright techs even figured out an app workaround for the inability to play flash content, such as YouTube. The video quality is not that good,...pretty grainy in fact, but at least I can finally view those videos. I have my email synced up,....have multiple audio players installed.....several great browsers that operate fine.....and a slew of utilities for scrubbing closed apps from active memory....and derailing potential viral attacks. For what it was shipped with, what I paid for it at the time, and what I have to work with now.....I'm actually pleased with it. I've ordered one of the new 10" tablets currently on the market to have something new to play with....but I'll always play around with the Novel on the side. During my first year of use, the few Tech Support emails I sent to the company were responded to immediately.....and with success for what I was trying to do. Maybe it was after that period of time that the company began running south in its hardware, software and support. I may be one of the few out there who had good luck with the product and company.....but in retrospect it was a good "eReader" for me.

ChildofGod31 says:

I bought this Pandigital Novel/tablet a year ago for my son and could not get it up and running. Attempting again, and cannot get it setup to work with WiFi and user guide shown does not appear to exist......anyone can Help would be appreciated.

I also had issues with the Wifi on this tablet when I first received it as a Christmas gift 2 years ago. It didn't want to hold the mac address & zero's out. What I did to rectify the issue was to root it.
Here is the guide I used.
After my rooting it, haven't had any issues & am very happy with it.

Good Luck

ChildofGod31 says:

Model# R70E200

Awe. Kinda sucks. I found my Pandigital tablet today. Wouldn't turn on. Guess I found out why. And i never got to finish The Bride Of The Vampire King. D: