Right on time, OtterBox is confirming that it will bring its most popular case styles to market for the just-announced Samsung Galaxy S4. The popular case maker will sell the Defender, Commuter and Reflex cases for the S4, giving a wide range of options depending on the amount of device protection required. The heaviest of the bunch, Defender, is a three-piece setup consisting of a hard plastic shell shrouded in a silicone outer layer along with an integrated screen protector. The Commuter is lighter, with an inside layer of silicone to protect against shocks. Reflex is thin two-piece design that is ideal for users that would like to occasionally dock their devices.

OtterBox says the three case models will be coming "soon" for the Galaxy S4, but hasn't given any pricing or specific availability at this time. It's good to know that accessory makers are pledging to get products out the door as soon as possible, though.

Source: OtterBox (BusinessWire)

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OtterBox confirms Galaxy S4 Defender, Commuter and Reflex cases


This is what irritates me. People complain about plastic phones, then bury them in bulky, plastic cases.

Come on, is this really worth an article? Am I missing something or was there some strange reason to think they wouldn't release these cases?

20 S4-related articles in 24 hours... I'm getting tired of fossicking through them to find something interesting. It's beyond excessive.