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Back when the Motorola Atrix was released, the $399 Lapdock accessory was also introduced to make use of the webtop features the Atrix brought along with it. But it came in at $399 and while it eventually came down from there, many folks simply weren't interested in it.

But, if you always wanted one but never didn't want to fork over a lot of cash for it -- AT&T will sell you one now on the cheap. $50 cheap in fact, making that a savings of $350 when all is said and done. Plus, with a few mods here and there -- you can get it to work with other devices.

Update: As pointed out in the comments below, AT&T has changed the online price back to $100.  Still a much better price than the original $399, but double the 50 dollar fire-sale style price it was listed at earlier today.  You certainly have be quick on these type of deals!

Source: ATT; via: Android Central Forums


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Original Lapdock for the Motorola Atrix now available from AT&T for only $50 [update -- it's back to $100]


How well do you think this would have done if it started at this price. I am sure now they are just trying to clear away inventory and are loosing money but who would have bought one or gotten a phone with a LapDock if they were only $50?

That first XDA thread says nothing about using the standard atrix dock with the mopho. It says only that its confirmed that a lapdock will become available for the mopho, which also isn't entirely accurate.

Internet fail for posting that link like that. You lose ten points for wasting my time.

This is for use with the Original Atrix 4G.
Not Atrix 2 (which is also 4g).

There is a one liner on the linked page that says

"Full Firefox browser use with AT&T Mobile Broadband requires DataPro 4GB plan."

That seems very oddly worded. Do they mean you can use any other browser (stock andorid) without the DataPro add on plan?

Yeah, I think so. I ordered one of these on Saturday after I saw the firesale. From what I've read, the only thing that checks for a tethering plan is the Firefox browser. Other browsers for Android should work fine, but of course they will be scaled from the resolution of the phone to fit the lapdock display.

I just ordered mine! I have been saying for a while, when it gets down to $99 I'll probably get one. Very pleased to see the total cost at $53 with FREE 2 day shipping.

My order got mysteriously canceled today. Apparently they over sold this item and they are now out of stock. The real question is did all the ones who found it online later than my order was placed who paid $99 and up I wonder if any of those orders got canceled.

This dock works with the Photon and Bionic, but the modification isn't simple. The USB connector is upside-down on the dock to fit the Photon, and needs to be taken apart, rotated, and the plastic on the holes need to be modified for it to fit back together. Might be worth $50 to give it a shot.

I'm not sure it's worth it, because I can see myself using the phone instead of going to all the trouble to hook it up. I would think a BT keyboard would be more worthwhile.

I ordered one of these for my Atrix as well, but I hope someone crafts a nifty adapter block to change to female micro usb and female HDMI so I can use other devices in the future. (albeit not quite a seamlessly) It always seemed extra short sighted to make such an expensive docking system completely dependent on one phone.

It's showing up in the store at $99 for me. I can't use it anyway, though, because the laptop dock software is proprietary and CM doesn't support it. Boo.

The AT&T web site (your link above and independent navigation) is showing a price of $99 and the chat support agent did not know of a sale for $50. Did it go up?

Yes It went up this morning.

I ordered one and got my Email confirmation for $54.30 (2 day shipping was 4.30).

I bought it on a lark, knowing full well its not directly compatible with the Wife's Atrix 2, unless I can reverse a couple connectors. If that seems impossible, I'll just sell it for cheap.

:( I drove to the AT&T store, to find out 1: they ring up as 300 and they have no idea what im talking about. 2: the online price is now 100and bucks :( I got my hopes up too, my og ATRIX has served me well.

I saw the price of $50 on at&t's website but while I was placing my order it froze. I closed and tried to order but the price was $100. I called and they said that prices are allowed to change without notice.

I ordered mine last Saturday night so it should arrive today..
retail: $299.99
online discount: -$249.99
sales tax: $3.81 (MN)
2-day shipping: $0.0
total due: $53.81

I've noticed today the price has jumped to $99.99 but it is temporarily out of stock, and now the original Atrix is on sale for $0.01 cent (free shipping)

They got excited that people actually started buying them and quickly raised the price hoping to squeeze out a little more $$$...
/shakes head