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Not to be outdone by its Sprint rivals, Motorola just blasted us with the e-mail all you old-school users have been waiting for: Froyo is coming to the original Droid. Next week. Nothing more exact than that. But we're in uncharted waters here, with carriers giving us warning at all, let alone this far out. Can't contain your excitement? Sing out in the forums with all the other Droid-heads! Huzzah!

Update: And Verizon has updated its support site, which must mean this is really real, right?


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Original Droid getting Android 2.2 next week - it's official, folks!


so HTC has Sense ready on the EVO, the DROID on VZW is getting it next week, sooo, i'm thinking my Incredible might be more incredible by the end of next week as well??

oh cmon now. I'm sitting here watching EVERY android phone get promised updates to froyo in the next week or so except for my dInc. Its Friday, give us dInc'rs some good news!

Pretty sweet news, assuming. But I'm sure its ready. A final update, Droid 2 just around the corner. Make sense.

For all those complainers too...LOL

Yay! Flash 10.1, that's all I care about, cause then I can watch all my favorite Channel Awesome websites.

Ill beleive it when i see it. And if it does, i hope its not some cheap ass version of froyo. the way we got a cheap ass version of 2.1

Wasn't Moto's original press release that Droid and X would get their repective updates at the same time??? Hope they stick to it. I hope this isn't 2.1 again. Get on the stick Motorola show ALL Droids some 2.2 love this next week!!!!!!!

If the Evo is already being updated as early as next week, what is holding HTC back on updating the Droid Incredible? Verizon already cleared Motorola to release their update on Verizon's network so HTC should be good to go!

Another great day for ALL Android owners.. Let's keep it rolling with the great news, cut out the shit from the Evo thread last night!

And i hope that FLASH will be with the launch of froyo. After all, they did say it will launch with 2.2

Please be accurate! I have a bet going with a friend on who would get FroYo first: Me with my Droid, or him with his MyTouch Slide.

FRG10B has been floating around for a bit now but that can't be the official version cause there are too many bugs in it. Lets Waite and see what happens.

It is official I got an email from VZW support about 2.2 and they posted it on Facebook as well. Verizon is saying the roll out will start August 2nd.

possibly because that pic is a promotional shot from last december when no phones had 2.1? just sayin...

The message I got from Motorola Forums

I'm happy to report that Verizon Wireless will start pushing Android 2.2 (Froyo) to the original Droid by Motorola during the week of August 2.

Although I can't confirm it yet, I would not be surprised if there were a push to some small number of users as a pre-launch test as early as tonight...

does anybody know or have heard of anything about FLASH support? They did say that flash would come with FROYO

yeah, what about the milestone?? i have MotoFrenzy (Froyo 2.2 for milestone)running on my milestone right now but i would like something more official!

i would like to see a link were we can download the offical update because you and I know what's going to happen next week: "why didn't my number get the OTA first; why did my friend get it before me; which state will get the update, etc, etc."it's going to be ugly for the next couple of weeks while the OTA is happening. MOTO and VZW should post it on their forums and let the mayhem begin. That way all those comfortable updating their handsets can go ahead and get going now and enjoy the new enhancements i.e FLASH :) and the others can wait for the OTA.

How about the MileStone ?
as Motorola is the one releasing the update to the original Droid
as the latest info about the X getting the 2.2 later this summer , there is a chart about 2.2 Froyo & in the last line they are saying :

"MileStone (Europe) : Upgrade to Android 2.1 for select Countries\Carriers rolling in ????????"

& here is a link for it

The thing is my MileStone already came outta the box with 2.1 Eclair

Not merely an official update, but a *required/mandatory* update. Has VZW ever done that before with any Android phone?

I talked to VZ today and what they told me was they were rolling out 10K users at a time. For Bandwidth reasons.

Alright, I got my Froyo update on my original Droid last week. This morning I had another update on my screen. I installed the update and didn't notice any change....UNTIL I CHECKED FOR FLASH IN THE MARKET!!! Yup, it's totally there folks. My only complaint with 2.2 is that I have no option to WiFi tether. Hmmm....