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There have been leaks and mentions of the follow up to Orange UK's San Francisco, but it's now officially official that the San Francisco II is heading to market. 

Under the Orange branding, the San Francisco II is actually a ZTE Crescent. While the Orange website is yet to show any pricing details for the device the press video shows it the same as it's predecessor which was available on Pay As You Go for £99. It wouldn't be a bad guess to assume the same price point for the new one. 

Orange's own brand smartphones are quickly becoming the alternative to a feature phone, but what does your £99 actually get you? Well it isn't a spec fest, but on top of the 800mhz processor is Android 2.3.5. Impressive. You also get a 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen, an FM radio, and a 5MP camera. On board storage is only 512mb, but it has a microSD card slot, so it's not all bad news. As with pretty much all Orange phones, there's a selection of their own apps which take up frankly too much of the slim on board storage, but some will be of interest. Signal boost allows you to boost your phone signal using wifi, and the Orange Wednesdays app is a must have for customers of the network.

The main point about this phone though - much like it's predecessor and it's big brother the Monte Carlo - is that at this price point it will capture a lot of casual phone buyers who will be taking their first steps in the world of the smartphone. And if those first steps are into the Android world, it's no bad thing surely? 

Check out Orange UK's hands on video after the jump. 

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Orange San Francisco II coming soon


I don't think he is questioning whether a UK phone should be discussed. Of course it should. The Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II and other great phone started as UK phones.

I think that he is questioning whether we need to discuss another out of date, low-end phone. With specs like this it can never see an update.

It needs to be discussed so that people can be warned. It may be renamed again to try to get it into other markets as well.

I took my first (and, until now, all of them) steps in the Android world through an Orange Boston, here in Portugal sold as Optimus Boston.

No need to say I love it. It got an update from 1.6 to 2.1 and, as a z71 variant, it earned CyanogenMod support and nowi t is running 2.3.4 (or 5, I don't know) without any problem.

Sure there are better Android phones, but in the low-price category, Orange's are the ones with best quality/price relation.