Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android

Given the multitude of web browsers available for download in the Google Play Store, it's no wonder those competing for space on your device continue to revamp their efforts. Opera Mobile is no exception, and as such the updated Opera Mobile v12.1 for Android is now available. The latest release has Opera concentrating on several improvement, including slimming down the app install size:

  • Opera Mobile fraud detection - The fraud detection system tells you when a webpage has been marked as being suspicious or used for illicit activity. If you get a warning, it’s a good idea to think twice about visiting that site.
  • SPDY: Borrowing from the desktop version of Opera, Opera Mobile includes the SPDY for communicating to web servers around the world, the SPDY protocol makes fetching webpages more efficient. Twitter and Gmail are two early adopters of the SPDY protocol.
  • WebSockets: Rich content is the new way of the web, and WebSockets is here to make it happen. With WebSockets, the browser in your mobile device get top notch access to the web server, improving two-way communications between your mobile device and web server for applications.
  • HTML5 and CSS Enhancements: Combine the visual eye candy of CSS with some HTML5 practicality and voilá, even better mobile browsing. That’s why we’ve added HTML5 goodies like HTML5 Drag and Drop and the HTML5 Clipboard API to Opera Mobile 12.1. These features help web developers connect better to the surfer’s devices and, e.g., access clipboard content such as text and pictures.

If you're not satisfied with your current browsing experience, Opera Mobile is certainly worth a look. I've tested it out on the Mobile Nations sites and enjoy the tabs at the bottom for quick selection. I wouldn't say I'm ready to swap over from Google's Chrome browser just yet but having a decent secondary option loaded is always a good idea.


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Opera launches Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android, offers better security and faster browsing


Pretty impressive, kills Chrome, Firefox and all the skinned stock browsers (Boat/Dolphin etc) in performance stakes (real performace and sunspider), it also renders web pages much more accurately. It's also the king of HTML5Test with a corker of a score of 418 (and 11 bonus points) and the king of Javascript compliance at Test262.

I'm currently developing a mobile website, and the only browser I'm having huge problems with is Opera... Why? Well, they have huge problems with position fixed in mobile versions. An object with fixed position wont move until all scrolling has been completed, and then the object "jumps" to the next area. Another problem is just scrolling... I'm having HUGE problems with scrolling inside an object (not the entire website but just one object). Sometimes it works - sometimes it don't.

I am testing the website in Google Chrome, Android Standard Browser, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The only browser with big problems is Opera... and this update didn't help me either :/

Agreed... I'm no developer, but the ONLY browser (both in PC and in my phone) that has ever given me compatibility issues is Opera... I like it, I wanna like it; they just make it so darn hard to!!

BTW, Grooveshark mobile, for instance, refuses to load any song in Opera. I switch browsers in the same phone, same network, and voilá! Songs play just fine. ¬¬'

It's been a while since I did a web site. Can tell you that Opera is more picky about web standards than the others. Check your code with a validator at w3.org . They have a mobile checker and regular versions also. If they say your code is good then contact Opera as it will be a bug and they can fix it in the app and or software.

Then you code is sloppy.

Opera won't add hacks to browsers to work around badly coded websites. Web standards is what it is all about.

Just because your code works in other browsers does not mean it's right.

I hear McDonalds have jobs....

I'm sorry but this browser is a complete POS. the only thing i like about it is text reflow which GS3 lacks. Other than that its a half assed browser. Try going to engadget.com and load any article and see how it renders it. Compare it with the stock android browser. You will see how many components are missing. It doesn't even load the "comments" button.. Uninstalled.....

Whenever I read about "new, updated" Opera mobile browser
here on AndroidCentral, I always download and install it...
only to be disappointed within a few minutes.

I use Chrome, but the lack of Flash support means I frequently
have to open up Dolphin browser. There are still many websites
that require Flash to access info that I need. Google does
not to understand this.

Frequently it's not Opera itself that's the problem (it's extremely standards compliant), it's Web devs that don't bother properly supporting it or using implementations or hacks tailored for other browsers.

On the desktop version of Opera, whenever you run into an unsupported website - see how often you can get it to work by having Opera report itself as Firefox or a different browser for instance.

Too many fools are too stupid to understand this.

You can also set any useragent you want in the mobile version too.

Opera:config is your friend. It's got WAY more tweaks that the usual settings dialog