Xperia Z2

Sony Bluetooth speaker and new noise-cancelling earbuds bundled to sweeten the deal

Sony's newly announced Xperia Z2 isn't scheduled to go on sale for a little while yet, but one UK retailer is already offering a pretty sweet audio bundle with pre-orders. Clove Technology has put the Xperia Z2 up for pre-order at £550 inclusive of VAT, and for that you also get a Sony Bluetooth speaker and a pair of its new noise cancelling earbuds.

We managed to take a quick look – although no listen – at the earbuds during a Mobile World Congress briefing in Barcelona, and Sony seems pretty happy with them. Regardless, the bundle is worth a reported £120, so if you're looking at picking up an Xperia Z2 then it might be the way to go.

New Sony phones being bundled with another item aren't uncommon. Previous releases have seen the Smartwatch 2 thrown in as well, and as pre-orders open up elsewhere it'll be interesting to see what else we can pick up. Clove has all three colors in stock, and is slating April 7 as the current availability date. This will be subject to change, but gives us something to go on at this point.

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One Sony Xperia Z2 UK pre-order offers handsome audio bundle


Wonder if importing it would work. If it uses the same frequencies as the eventual US model it would probably be a way to get it much sooner than the local carriers will have it considering the Z1s was barely released by TMobile.

I was wondering the same thing. If I can figure out if it will work on att lte I may have to order one.

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have a look at the xperiablog, people have imported the z1 compact previously and it looks like there is no problem with LTE.

I really wanted the z1s but now I want the z2.. Please if someone can have a video or proof that it can be for t mobile because this phone looks beastly

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I'd love to get a deal like this in the States...

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Eh, £550 works out to about $920. Even if the phone is $650, that would work out to $270 for a pair of earbuds and a Bluetooth speaker. Not that great a deal, by US pricing standards.

Seems like most of these deals are always over seas. When they come to the US it's simply full price.... that is until 3-6 months later when they want to up sales of a device.

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If I remember hearing this right (I forgot which editor said it), you can't just calculate the exchange rates - between the two - to come up with what you think is going to be the price for one or the other.

More than likely, you're going to be incorrect.

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I can only reply to myself for some reason, but even taking off VAT (20%) it's just over $700.

Once you factor in the value-add of the package deal you might be close to parity with the MSRP in the US but I doubt it

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I "pre-registered" at the Sony Z2 website, but all that entailed was entering my email for updates...
Hopefully they will see strong demand in US for this phone.

Best 2014 phone so far imo... HTC lets see what you bring to the game.

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A little steep.. but a GREAT phone (possibly the best money can buy the 1st half of 14') and the headset.. but at least you are getting a Quality Device.. Not like that POS joke of phone called the S5.

Well I guess I'll be the guinea pig. After some very clear and very prompt email communication with Clove I have placed an order including the speaker and headphones for $809.99 including what is described as 3 day shipping to most places in the world. We'll see.....

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Will this phone allow app data to be moved to sd card? 16gb is too low.I heard xperia phones dont allow app data to moved to sd card.

Is a bit low but there's about 12 gigs to use, rom isn't a monster 8gigs like the galaxy series

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