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If you're still rocking your OG Droid, then you'll be pleased to know it has once again had its life extended. The latest Bugless Beast ROM is now available for download, and it's pretty rocking. The update, labeled GPA15 has quite a few changes within so make sure you check out the full changelog for details, you'll find them listed after the break for you all. Also, as a heads up -- the next update which will be labeled GPA16 will bring Android 2.3.4 to all OG Droid owners. Again, hit the break for the changelog or skip on over to the source link for the download.

Source: Peter Alfonso; Thanks, for sending this in, WES!

  • Enabled program menu (dial ##7764726 to use)
  • Fixed fc in Calendar application (credit to cyanogen)
  • Removed unneeded files and languages (~11.7MB total)
  • Updated kernel and modules (V0.2)
  • Updated compcache module to zram.ko
  • Ported new interactive gov. from .38 kernel
  • Ported various bug fixes from newer kernels
  • Modified compcache script to work with new zram.ko
  • Fixed camera button bug (credit to mogimo)
  • Avoided drawing texture extension (credit to ezterry)
  • Fixed bluetooth tethering (thanks to stachre)
  • Added missing keychars symlinks (credit to cvpcs & utkanos)
  • Disabled slow blur effect
  • Increased sd card throughput
  • Disabled persistent usb debugging setting
  • Enabled 180 degree rotation (credit to sven-dawitz)
  • Decreased ring delay
  • Updated Market application to 2.3.6
  • Fixed issues with several apps
  • Lowered minimum automatic brightness level
  • Turned off haptic feedback by default
  • Enabled installation of non market apps by default
  • Fixed Accounts and sync application bug (credit to untouchab1e)
  • Fixed USB tethering (credit to cvpcs)
  • Added reboot to phone options
  • Fixed loss of data after call (credit to cvpcs)
  • Fixed auto restore of Market apps
  • Fixed text selection bug (credit to abaakouk mehdi)
  • Better implementation of Froyo libaudio binary (credit to rmcc)
  • Changed low memory parameters and oom values
  • Updated Google talk application

Reader comments

OG Droid gets stock, rooted Bugless Beast Gingerbread ROM update


One overlooked plus for Android vs. iPhone.

Why yes, you CAN run your circa 2009 Android with the latest phone OS thanks to community built ROMs!

Ask iPhone 3G users about running iOS 4.3.1.

Um, iPhone 3G was released July 2008. DROID was released over a year later, October 2009. And although I have enjoyed more than one Gingerbread ROM on my OG DROID (CM7.03 is running best of the bunch right now), the DROID will never see an official release of anything beyond Froyo. As it is, Gingerbread really pushes the DROID's hardware. There will always be a point where phones won't get updated.

I have had gingerbread on my Droid for a while, and it does not appear to be taxing the hardware at all. If anything it runs better than Froyo did. Benchmarks seem unaffected as well.

Gingerbread is not "pushing" the hardware any more than Froyo was from what I can tell. It runs very well on the Droid 1.

Just tried it on my Droid... Wifi don't work too well.. Was working great running CM :| Having issues staying connected.

-- Reinstalled it and wifi is fine now.

I've had the Incredible running cm7 stable for several weeks now, and MIUI gingerbread for the wife. Incredikernel 4-19 for both.

Unfortunately I sold my og and am currently on the TBolt and Charge. Think the Charge will get more love because it isn't so locked up. Good news for yall though. Rock on.

Nexus One user who always liked the build quality of the Droid. Great keyboard and just the perfect size. Looks like that Rom has just about all loose ends covered. Great Job. What would we do without XDA?????

The Rom is from Pete, not from XDA I believe. He does great work, I used to run his Bugless Beast roms when I had my OG. I kinda miss it, thinking of purchasing a used one just for fun.

This is not the next installment of Bugless Beast. The last stable build was 6.2.1.

When the Gingerbread code got release, Pete went to work and started with GPA10 (Gingerbread Peter Alfonso 1.0) This is the latest installment, GPA15. Its been beta for some time now. It is as stock Gingerbread as possible with a few tweaks. Once he gets this to his liking, he says he'll go back and make a Bugless Beast version based off of Gingerbread rather than Froyo.

SO yes, this is the newest rom from Pete based on gingerbread, and no it is not Bugless Beast, and yes we hope to see a Bugless version based off of this at some point in the future.

Not familiar with Pete since I only recently started rooting, but what's the difference between this and Bugless Beast? I just flashed this in the hopes that it fixes the lack of SMS notifications that plagues CM 7.0.3 on the OG Droid.

Pete acknowledges that there's an LED notification issue with this that happens on certain apps. So far Tweetdeck and GoSMS aren't giving LED notifications.

I reinstalled and still the same thing. :/

yep, not BUGLESS BEAST build, but Pete's Ported AOSP version of gingerbread. Tho i can exactly explain what's the difference betw his ported GBA builds and his how he use to customize his Froyo Bugless beast builds.

perhaps someone can itemize the differences in features

I have to really hand it to the community. The OG Droid is what started it all for alot of users, and even though Verizon and Motorola have stopped the updates the phone keeps plugging along and seems to handle it well. This is what I with it were like for every device.

I started with Bugless Beast when I first rooted, but I have been using Ultimate Droid for a long time with no problems. His current builds are bug free as far as I can tell, and have a lot of tweaking options. I tried Cyanogen for a while too...Ultimate Droid is the best ROM I have tried so far for the Droid 1.

I'm still rockin my OG Droid. I've never rooted my phone. Are there any drawbacks to downloading this ROM?