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The official Twitter for Android app just got a heck of an update, bringing a full set of photo filters built-in to the client. We all heard this would happen before the end of the year, but few expected anything this soon. The included filters are vignette, black & white, warm, cool, vintage, cinematic, happy, and gritty; also included are standard editing features like cropping and zooming.

Created by Aviary, the filters and tools promise to help you share the world around you in the style that's become popular with smartphone users. You can also preview your photos in a nice grid layout, and your photos are viewable directly from your timeline. 

It's looking to be a great update for folks who like to share photos on Twitter, and should balance out the loss of Instagram sharing we saw last week. Hit the break for a short video from Twitter and some screen shots, and grab the app at the link above.

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Official Twitter app updated with photo filters


I stopped using the official Twitter app when I bought Falcon Pro. It is probably the best Twitter app I have ever used so far.

Sorry, but things like this are reasons why I don't see Twitter lasting the test of time. They want total control of the platform & APIs, and other companies will continue to pull their support.

I don't care about that. You still can't see images in the timeline. I've deleted all twitter apps since I've started using Falcon Pro.