Here's a look at the elusive Nexus 7 docking station live and in color on Youtube. We don't have a lot of information here, just that the fellow posting the video bought it at Yodobashi Camera in the Akihabara district in Japan. He had the opportunity to buy it a day early, and like any of us would, he jumped on it. 

It looks to be the same dock we saw in late November, utilizing the pogo pons for charging and audio. That dock is no longer "coming soon" on the Asus Japan site, but it is listed as out of stock. There is no listing on the ASUS America site or the Global site. 

We're not sure of what the availability will be, or if it is even coming to the states. We assume that it will, as the demand for the Nexus 7 is still very high. The dock would make for a great holiday gift, so hopefully we see it offered very soon.

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Source: Youtube; via  +William Gunther!

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God! That music!
Frankenstein unboxing!

In a way, Frankenstein is the story of the ultimate unboxing.

I vote Dracula

KidCuda says:

... the most boring unboxing in the world! I stumbled upon this a couple of days ago actually, can't wait to see if it ever makes it to the US!

Stovicek says:

I never realized how dramatic a hunk of plastic and an instruction card could be until now. I've already decided to purchase one. Can Asus pretty please with shredded bits of LLoyd topped ice cream get this to some US outlets for sale?

nimrodity says:

Pain in the axx unboxing,horrible music and he didnt even put a nexus in the dock

EvanJ18 says:

That music is really very good.

Hand_O_Death says:

"Audio dock" my last bastion of hope for a valid video out for my N7 is finally dashed. *sigh*

TrackerF16 says:

the issue with a video out dock would be that fact the pogo pins are the equivalent of 4 wires, and can conly move 4 wires worth of data at any given time, theres no way to do quality video with so few wires (rca plugs use 2)

im more bummed they neglected to include a wall adapter (just like samsung) sure its easy enough to pick one up separate, but when i can buy one for like $2. is it so hard to include one?

Half of that video is blurry

jenskristian says:

I already have my pre-order in with a Norwegian retailer. Just waiting for them to get it in stock.

Cdesti says:

thank u very much for...eehhmmm.......

jeccou says:

I've pre-ordered with a Swedish retailer. They claim they'll have it on the 29th.

Stychill says:

that music was annoying as hell, please stop

lan2cp says:

LOL that was dramatic...! >.>

tr-1 says:

Do these EU sites ship to USA? If yes, please post links.

epps720 says:

I agree that was just horrible! At least make it a hands on as well. Would like to see how sturdy it sits in that dock, doesn't look like a lot of support for the back of the tablet. Looks like it would tip over really easily too!

youareme7 says:

ok, so now we've seen the nexus 7 dock in the wild, the nexus 10 pogo pin charger; where's the nexus 4 wireless charger!

Divad says:

OK, seriously? What is this, if not 41 dollars to prop up your Nexus 7 and replicate ports it already has? It doesn't add video out, and I'm not sure it even provides a true line-level audio output (or better yet, USB audio out for use with a DAC) for use with a good headphone amp or powered monitors.

I really, really need some more concrete information about this dock because right now, it just seems to prop up the tablet, which can be done (albeit, less sexily) with a $5-10 case. Being able to just drop the tablet in the dock and have it already connected to power and speakers is nice, but I'd really like to see some additional features with the audiophile in mind - it IS called the audio dock, so I don't think that's unreasonable.

etnpnys says:


Because working.

From what I know, people have even tried to figure out the POGO pins and they can't. This thing will use them for charging and audio out - and I need this to fabricate something into my car's dash. That's why.

Yippieki says:

Does anyone know if a case can be used concurrently with the dock?

Klotz says:

Call me crazy,but I think some of us would have like to see the Nexus 7 connected to this.

I am intrigued by your theories and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

brett328 says:

power and audio only? We've been waiting 6 months and this is whats on the horizon? maybe? FAIL! NEXUS7 is supposed to be cutting edge with tech and features. WTF

Good to see the cameraman from the Blair Witch Project can still get work >.<

Best to watch this one on mute. What I'm peeved about is he buys the dock early, makes a unboxing video, and doesn't even show it with the Nexus 7 docked on the darn thing! Almost makes the video pointless...

My last "service" to the trollish and needy crowd you got here. I'm the uploaded of that YouTube video and that upload was done in a hurry in a Japanese hotel after I got back before I had to pack for my flight back home. So, "you're welcome", you bunch of keyboard pecking bastards.

My last comment to this. Continue ripping apart and picking on my uploads and pictures. I've just provided two there for you to troll upon.

Bil Tateo Jr says:

Thank you! At least I can dream until mine gets in my hands! You
have yours and the ability to make it back and the kindness to show
Us what it looks like!!
Bill T