Carrier offers 25 percent reduction in cost of buying out contract to get subscribers onto 'O2 Refresh' plans

O2 UK has announced a new promotion designed to tempt existing customers onto its O2 Refresh price plans, which decouple the cost of customers' phones from their monthly service payment. Dubbed O2 Speed to Refresh, the new deal gives existing customers 25 percent off the cost of buying out the remainder of their contract if they upgrade to an O2 Refresh plan.

O2 Refresh is part of a growing trend which has seen some operators offering a clear distinction between the price of cellular service and the cost of payments towards the value of handsets. The plans mean customers' monthly bills are reduced after they've finished paying off their phone, and they can pay the full cost of the device up-front in exchange for lower monthly fees.

O2 Speed to Refresh is open to O2 Pay Monthly customers who have been with the carrier for at least three months.

Source: O2; More: O2 FAQs


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O2 Speed to Refresh reduces cost of paying off contract if you upgrade


Beware if your running Kitkat on a Nexus 4 or 5 on the O2 network! The 2G option is not available

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Why is that a bad thing?

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Because O2-UK have little to no 4G, horrendous 3G, and OK 2G. I have a nexus 5 on o2 and it does work luckily but it doesn't like sticking on 2G

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When my 3G signal is very poor I could select the 2G option and the battery life would be better!

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For some reason when I reboot the phone neither the 3g or 4g are highlighted. That seems to work until I fiddle with it

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You can dial *#*#4636#*#* and change the phone options. Be careful though. There be dragons!

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