If everyone who says they are launching an Android phone actually launches an Android phone in the near future, the G1 is about to have lots and lots of company. One IS the loneliest number (poor G1), but how about between 6 and 8 Android phones from O2 Germany ALONE?

According to Venturebeat as reported by phandroid, an O2 product manager at an Official Press Conference at O2 Innovation Days in Germany was quoted as saying, "We want to get out 6 to 8 Android devices this year.” If this actually happens over in Germany in '09, what can we expect here in the States? At this point, I think we would be happy to have at least another two or three Android devices to choose from, hopefully with a variety of form-factors. What do YOU want to see for Android handsets this year?

Graphic courtesy of phandroid

[Venturebeat via phandroid]


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O2 Germany = Up to 8 Androids in '09


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