Nyx Mobile Lyuba Max.

Walking around CTIA, it's always fun to find new things at random booths, and after stopping by Nyx Mobile I was met with a pleasant surprise from one of their reps. He starts the conversation with "you want to see something cool?" Of course, the geek in me wanted to scream yes, and I told him that I did. That's when he proceeded to pull out prototypes of their upcoming devices, which feature edge to edge displays. That's right, only the tiniest slither of a bezel separates the screen from the edge of the device.

The first handset that came out, the Lyuba Max, featured a 5-inch display and by doing the edge to edge display and eliminating the frame around it they were able to bring a larger screen in a smaller package. They also had a 4-inch model -- the Lyuba Fun -- and they will be finalizing a build of a 3.5-inch display as well. When the devices do launch, they'll run Ice Cream Sandwich, and feature specs comparable to other high-end devices. Hit the break to check out a couple other pictures, and stay tuned for updates from Nyx Mobile on availability of these devices.


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Nyx Mobile Lyuba Fun and Lyuba Max hands-on


If the Max actually turns out to be a good phone...

Edit: Oh. Engadget says 800 x 480 LCD, 1.2Gz single core.
Still, big screen, no bezel, probably low cost.

IF those are the specs im not really impressed.
THe screen looks nice being edge to edge but i have concerns about how easy it will be to use and by that i mean how often inadvertent screen touches will occur.

Also with it all the way up to the edge im concerned of its survive-ability... When it comes out im sure all the drop test groups will just go crazy for this.

Change the specs and you are looking at the iPhone5. At least screenwise that is. Lordy that looks gorgeous.

That was my first thought too, but the Nexus definitely has a few mm of bezel where this one has almost none. I'll give them credit on the edge to edge screen, but they should probably get their lawyers prepped. Physically, it looks like it's somewhere between the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S III. I half expected to see the Samsung logo on the back...

I saw the fake iPhone 5 pics with the screen that had no borders and it got me thinking about how well that would work. I don't think very well at all. Although it looks beautiful and gives you more display, I think accidentally touching the screen would be a real problem when your hand wraps around the phone. With such a small border from the side to the touch screen your palm and fingers would almost certainly create problems with unintended touches. I suppose you may be able to reduce the area of the screen that picks up touch, but then you have an invisible border that could be just as annoying.

I would expect that's why other companies don't do the no border thing, when it is quite possible technically. You need to hold your phone without hitting a button.

Totally agree. This probably explains why we've yet to see this design come from the major OEMs.

On a different note, why aren't their a lot of comments for this article?! This edge to edge display was the killer feature a lot of people wanting for the SGS3.

Maybe a title that said something about the edge to edge screen might help.

I honestly skipped over several times in my twitter feed because I had never heard of these device names.

I can't agree more on the accidental touches I even find myself doing this on my Motorola xoom tablet and it has a big border but holding it in 2 hands I find that the top of my thumb (the bit that the you balance the tablet in while thumb typing) sometimes hits the notification area or the back button. Not a real issue on my ipad which has a bigger border or that might be because they don't put anything close to the corners

Please give me the accedental touches! I will live with that problem if my device looks that good.

This is the direction that these companies need to be going in.

I feel like the main problem right now is that they're chasing the wrong spec. Everybody wants a super thin phone, but if the phone becomes larger and wider then people cant fit their hands around them.

The focus needs to be on increasing the screen size, decreasing the bezel and also decreasing the width of the phone.

I don't think people would complain about it being thicker if the phone was easier to hold in your hands

If the price is right I may have to buy one of these bad boys lol just like everyone else I've been waiting to see edge to edge displays and this looks awesome. Now if they could only up the resolution I'd definitely be sold!

Does anyone else see the potential touchscreen issues with having an edge to edge display?

When you grab your phone, I do it now with my Bionic sometimes, and it has a good sized bezel. The palm of your hand around your thumb can roll onto the display causing a touch input.

I also think the design looks unbalanced, it's like someone crammed a big screen into a fat galaxy nexus. I'll be for edge to edge whenever it's all four edges, then it would look cool, this just looks like it was done for the sake of being done.